Society Equestrian Marshal

Policies and Regulations

SCA Equestrian Handbook

Updated October 2012

Also see New Policies and Policy Interpretations, below.

Equestrian Waivers and Signage

Equestrian Waiver Policy Clarification: PDF | Microsoft Word

New Policies

Equine Poll Protection requirement (March, 2012)

IV.A.1.(i).2 Removed from Handbook: the requirement for poll protection was rescinded because it was deemed unnecessary.

Equine Eye Protection Requirements (March, 2010)

IV.A.1.(i). a. A chanfron or other approved eye protection which incorporates pierced metal cups, heavy wire mesh or grillwork.

Out of Kingdom Authorizations (January, 2009)

II.B.4. Authorizations shall not be issued to persons residing in other kingdoms unless such persons are defined as subjects of the issuing kingdom by specific royal treaty or by exceptions under parts II.4.a and II.4.b.
(a) Individuals residing in a Kingdom without an EQ program may be authorized in ONE other Kingdom, providing the KEM of the Kingdom the individual resides in approves, and both the KEO and KEM of the sponsoring Kingdom are willing to sponsor said individual.
(b) Individuals residing in a Kingdom that has an EQ program, but does not have specialty activities in their program can authorize for these specialty activities in ONE other Kingdom, providing both the KEO and KEM of the Kingdom the individual resides in approves, and both the KEO and KEM of the sponsoring Kingdom are willing to sponsor said individual.
(c) For authorizations done under parts II.4.a or II.4.b, The sponsoring Kingdom Equestrian Officer shall maintain a record of all such authorizations and administer them in the same manner as resident authorizations.

Minimum Age Lowered (January, 2009)

II.B.3.(a) Youths must be at least five (5) years of age in order to participate in equestrian activities, and be able to demonstrate the ability to control the equine, unassisted, at the gaits and in the activities covered by the authorization sought. Age restrictions required by individual site owners must be observed.

Youth equestrian helmets (February 2009)

II. B. 3. (d) Minors must wear approved equestrian riding helmets fitted according to the manufacturer's directions.

Event Requirements (December 2008)

III. A. 1. Any event at which equestrian activities occur is considered an equestrian event.
III. B. 2. (c) Secure a veterinarian to be on call while horses are present.
III. B. 3. (d) Remain on site throughout the duration of an event, practice or demo where horses are present for SCA activities. An Eq MIC's duties may be reassigned to a deputy.
III. B. 3. (e) Post and/or distribute the contact phone number of the veterinarian on call.

Quintain and ring lances (Jan. 1, 2008)

section added under Equipment Standards:
IV.A.2.(b).(3) Quintain and Ring Lances may be up to 16 feet in length

Interpretations of Policies in the Handbook:

Equestrian Waivers at Events (March, 2010)

III.B.3.(b) …For any event where equidae are to be allowed outside of a designated equestrian area (i.e., allowed to ridden around the site where general activities and attendees are present), an equestrian waiver must be signed in addition to any other required waivers by ALL event attendees (presumably at the gate as they arrive).

Helmets and Minors (January, 2010)

Due to the requirement for all minors to wear an ASTM approved equestrian safety helmet while riding at any SCA event, I ruled that no minor may participate in SCA equestrian activities which require the rider to wear a helm, specifically Mounted Combat and Jousting activities.

Jurisdiction (November, 2009)

A Kingdom may develop Equestrian Mounted Archery (MA) or Thrown Weapons (MTW) programs which provide for the safe oversight of MA or MTW by the Equestrian Marshallate of the Kingdom, but may not require TA or TW Marshal participation.

Parades and demos (Jan. 1, 2008)

Ordering an Equestrian Insurance Certificate is mandatory for parades and demos where horses and riders are representing the SCA. When ordering the Insurance Certificate, use the name and address of the sponsor of the parade or demo.

Waiver requirement for authorizations (Jan. 1, 2008)

Equestrian Authorizations: II.C. Waiver requirement:
The "Waiver and Informed Consent to Participate in SCA Inc. Equestrian Activities" shall be signed during authorization with only one signature per form. If a State specific "Waiver" is available it should be used. If there is no "Waiver" for your State, then use the "Society Standard Equine Activity Liability Form". An additional sheet may be attached to contain additional personal information.