Tournaments Illuminated


Tournaments Illuminated - Wish List

Tournaments Illuminated seeks to help Society members understand and recreate the Middle Ages and Renaissance and so seeks articles regarding the details of daily life, including customs, festivals, rituals, and pastimes (games, dance, literature, etc.), as well as articles on making shoes, hats, and garb; techniques for calligraphy and illumination; and making more period gear, such as tents, feast gear, boxes, and furniture, for Society events.

TI  is particularly interested in articles regarding the arts martial, including, but not limited to research and building practical weapons, archery equipment, and siege engines; equestrian topics, and medieval warfare and tactics.

Articles on administrative topics are welcome, particularly if written from a Society-wide perspective. Reviews of books or other publications of interest to Society members are particularly welcome.

Please see the guidelines pdf for writing different types of articles.

Please remember that artwork, illustrations and photography help convey to the reader your ideas. Ask a friend to take a photo while you are making armor or tending your bees. Drawings, in a medieval style, of household objects are especially of interest.

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