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Baroness Sara de la Val


Fathead2 blunts sold by Northstar (February 11, 2019)
The Fathead2 is approved to a Society experimental status, which means it's approved by the Society for experimental, but still beholden to the experimental marking, reports and process until final approval.

As experimental, kingdoms and wars (i.e. KDEMs and the MiCs of wars) can choose to allow or not allow at their discretion. If they are allowed, reports must be filed with this office of their use. All ammo in the experimental state must be marked with alternating red and green tape for at least 6 inches. Any battles with experimental ammo must be published with the use of the specific experimental ammo, or allow all participants to choose to inspect and participate or not.

The experimental period is intended to give anyone that wishes time to get familiar with the new blunts. Once we have enough data to make a decision on provisional approval, that notice will come from this office.

Crutch Tip for Heavy Ammo (February 11, 2019)
We have found that the "crutch tip construction method" for heavy ammo, which has been in an experimental status in Artemisia for the last 7 years, is equivalent to the construction method found in VII.G.7.a.ii.2 of the Society Marshal's Handbook, with only one difference: instead of an old Baldar blunt being used, a crutch tip is used.

As proposed, the crutch tip slides over the siloflex equivalent and then at least .5" of foam is taped to the head, ensuring the final taped diameter is at least 1.5". With these specifications in mind, this construction method is moved to a provisional approved status, subject to any problems arising while in the provisional state.

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