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Kingdom Newsletters

Sustaining & International memberships include a subscription to the monthly Kingdom Newsletters.

Visit the SCA e-newsletter website to access them on-line, along with Minutes of SCA Board meetings and "Quivers & Quarrels" (the quarterly publication of the SCA's Archery community).

Sustaining/International members can also purchase paper subscriptions to newsletters and Board minutes for an additional cost. (See below)

The SCA publishes two periodicals:

Sustaining & International memberships may also subscribe to

Tournaments Illuminated  - the quarterly magazine of the Society. Each issue has an collection of educational articles, kingdom news, artwork, and book reviews.
Subscriptions to TI are $20 / year.

The Compleat Anachronist  - a monograph series published four times a year. Each issue features in-depth research on a specific topic.
Subscriptions to CA are $25 / year.

Authors, artists, and advertisers interested in appearing in these publications should visit the Tournaments Illuminated  and The Compleat Anachronist  webpages.

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