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Etcetera - The Kingdom of Lochac

by Mistress Jessa d'Avondale

Lochac began as a Crown Principality of the West in A.S. XVII, was raised to full principality status in A.S. XXII, and became the 17th kingdom of the SCA in July of A.S. XXXVII,.

The arms of the kingdom are Quarterly azure and argent, on a cross gules a crown between four mullets of six points and in canton a laurel wreath argent.

Patents of Arms

Royal Peerages earned in the Kingdom of Lochac are accompanied by Patents of Arms. People earning such peerages shall be assumed to fulfill the basic requirements for the elevation to the Peerage.

Grants of Arms

The Crown may bestow a Grant of Arms to any individual whose substantial, unremitting, and excellent service or ability is of great value to the Kingdom. Grants of Arms also accompany the following Polling Orders of Distinction:

Lochac Company of Archers: given to those who have demonstrated high achievement, chivalry, and service to the Kingdom in the field of archery. The members of this Company shall promote and encourage their art within the Kingdom of Lochac. They advise the Earl Marshal and the Archery Marshal on, and do research into, aspects of the art of missile weapons including combat standards, tactics, marshalling, training, period research, qualification and competition.

Order of the White Scarf of Lochac: given to those who have demonstrated high achievement, chivalry, and service to the Kingdom in unarmored (rapier) combat. The members of the order shall promote and encourage their art within the Kingdom. They advise the Earl Marshal and the Marshall Rapier on, and do research into, all aspects of the art of rapier combat. It is a tradition in Lochac to address members of the Order as "Don" or "Doña".

Awards of Arms

Court Baronies

The titles of Court Baron and Court Baroness may be offered to those the Crown wishes to honor. These titles carry with them an Award of Arms. An Award of Arms may be given as a separate award, or in conjunction with the Orders of Achievement:

Orders of Achievement

Order of the Golden Tear: given for substantial and considerate service to the Kingdom.

Order of the Lily: given for achievement in the arts and sciences.

Order of the Rapier: given for achievement in the field of Rapier fighting.

Order of the Golden Sword: given for achievement in the field of heavy fighting. (Formerly known as the Hasta Belli.)

Order of the Nock: given for achievement in the field of archery and/or missile combat. The award is presented on a red ribbon for target archery, and on a green ribbon for missile combat.

Order of the Miles Regni: given to those who have supported the army of Lochac in any significant manner, including siege weapons and non-contact participants. (translates to "Soldier of the Kingdom".)

Order of the Prometheus: given for excellence in teaching.

Order of the Hector: given for excellence in equestrian activities.

Lochac Order of Grace: given by the Queen for exceptional courtesy. Only one may be awarded each reign. The token, made by the previous recipient of the award, is an embroidered favor with the order's badge: Gules, a hind courant Or between three mullets of six points argent.

Non-armigerous awards

The following awards and orders do not convey arms:

Order of the Rowan: given to those who have displayed exceptional and consistent grace and courtesy to all. It is named after the first recipient, Mistress Rowan Perigrynne. The order's badge is: A cinquefoil per pale vert and argent.

Order of the Silver Helm: given to those combatants who consistently present a good-looking and period appearance on the field. (formerly the Shining Helm.)

Order of the Southern Cross: given to recognize service to the Kingdom by those who are not citizens of Lochac. (in process of being renamed "The Cross of Lochac".)

Prix Jongleur: given to those whose performances consistently entertain the populace of the Kingdom.

Royal Cyphers: given to those people who have been thoughtful and helpful to the Crown during their reign. May also be given as a King's Cypher or a Queen's Cypher.

The Mouse Guard: given to children aged 4 to 13 years, to recognize their contributions to the kingdom.

Order of the Pride of Lochac: given to groups (such as households) who have, as a group, made noteworthy contributions to the kingdom.

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This article is based on Lochac Kingdom Law.

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