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Etcetera - The Kingdom of Avacal

by Mistress Jessa d'Avondale

The Kingdom of Avacal began as a Crown Principality of the Kingdom of An Tir in A.S. 26. It became a full principality in August of A.S. 31, and was elevated to kingdom status in June of A.S. 50.

The arms of the kingdom are Quarterly argent and Or, a griffin rampant, on a point pointed gules a crown within a laurel wreath Or.

Patents of Arms

Former Sovereigns and Consorts are offered the right to bear arms by letter Patents when they step down from the thrones, if they do not already have one. Former principality Coronets and Consorts also bear arms by letters Patent, with the with the rank and title of Viscount or Viscountess (or the equivalent).

Grants of Arms

The following Orders convey a Grant of Arms to the recipient (if they do not already have a Grant or Patent). Companions of the order are expected to demonstrate knowledge of courtly graces and obedience to the laws, traditions, and ideals of the kingdom and the Society, and be examples worthy of emulation. They may bear the title of "His Lordship" or "Her Ladyship."

Order of the Winged Lynx: given for exemplary and substantial service to Avacal.

Order of the Argent Flame: given for skill in arts and science, including a high-level (journeyman) skill in at least one discipline; demonstrating a knowledge of period techniques, and the ability to research and willingness to teach Arts and Sciences related skills.

Order of the Red Horse: given for excellence in equestrian activities within Avacal, and demonstrating a leadership role in equestrian activities, including the willingness to teach.

Order of the Sable Axe: given for excellence in heavy combat within Avacal, and demonstrating a leadership role in heavy combat, including the willingness to teach.

Order of the White Scarf: (This order is now closed.) Was given for excellence in rapier combat within Avacal, and demonstrating a leadership role in rapier combat, including the willingness to teach. Companions of the order may use the title "Don" or "Doña."

Order of the Grey Goose Shaft: given for excellence in archery within Avacal, and demonstrating a leadership role in archery, including the willingness to teach.

Award of Arms

Awards of Arms may be given at the pleasure of the Crown.

The titles of Court Baron and Court Baroness may be offered by the Crown for outstanding efforts to the kingdom, and are accompanied by Awards of Arms, if the recipient is not already armigerous.

Non-armigerous awards

The Throne's Favour: given to a group or individual who has significantly contributed to Avacal through conspicuous service.

The King's Favour: given by the King to those as he sees fit

The Queen's Favour: given by the Queen to those as she sees fit

The Silver Gryphon: given by the Royal Consort to the combatant and consort who came in second in the Crown Tournament

Order of the Rose: membership in the order is offered by the reigning Consort to those who have completed serving a term as consort. Members of the order are charged with encouraging chivalrous and courteous behavior among all members of the Society.

An Augmentation of Arms may be bestowed by the Crown on any person or group, in recognition of their dedication and impact on the kingdom. The augumentation is a recommendation from the Crown of an addition or alteration of the recipients' device or badge, and may incorporate elements of the kingdom's heraldry. The final decision for the alteration lies with the recipient, subject to the approval of the College of Heralds.


There are five champions of Avacal:

Champion of Sword - heavy/rattan combat. Stands armed with the Great Sword of State at the King's Throne.
Champion of Arrows - target archery or missile combat
Champion of Arts & Sciences
Champion of Rapier - Stands armed at the Queen's Throne.
Champion of Youth

The champions swear an oath of fealty and service to the crown, and serve a term of one year. They have the duty to advise the Crown, and they support and defend the kingdom and serve the Crown to the best of their ability.

Each champion serves a term of one year. No person may vie for more than one Kingdom Champions' Tourney at a time, or serve as more than one champion at a time. Entrants to the Champions' tourneys must live in Avacal at the time of the tourney, and for the duration of their term as champion.

Those who place second in the Championship competitions are honored with the following:

Iron Maul: runner-up in the Sword Champion Tournament
Iron Arrow: runner-up in the Arrows Champion Tournament
Iron Gauntlet: runner-up in the Rapier Champion Tournament
Iron Quill: runner-up in the Arts & Sciences Champions Tournament

The Elders of Avacal: Former Champions who have fulfilled their duties are recognized as Elders of Avacal when their successors are invested.

Principality Awards

(These orders are now closed, and no new members are being added.)

Awards dating from when Avacal was a principality include:

Order of the Lords and Ladies of Valourous Estate: those who have served a complete term as Principality Consort The order is charged with encouraging chivalrous and courteous behaviour among all members of the Society.

Order of the White Claw: given to an individual who represented the Principality in an extraordinary way, outside of Avacal.

Order of the Red Oak: given to an individual who was a shining example of chivalry and courtesy on a consistent basis.

Order of the Heart and Gryphon: given to an individual who demonstrated excellence in period dress, thought, speech, behaviour, and encampment.

Order of the Red Gryphon of Avacal: given once per reign, to an individual who emulates the ideals and embodies the essence of Avacal.

Order of the Silver Lute: given to an individual or group who demonstrated excellence in the performing arts.

Order of the Golden Flame: given to an individual for arts and science.

Order of Fortitude: given to an individual for excellence in the martial activities of archery, rapier, or heavy combat.

Order of the Gilded Gryphon: given to an individual for service.

Order of the Gilded Feather: given to a child who has served Avacal in some form.

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This column was compiled from Avacal Kingdom law.

Mistress Jessa d'Avondale (Marla Lecin) resides in the East Kingdom. She invites anyone with updates or corrections to this article to contact her.