Arts & Sciences Resources

Our "Arts & Sciences" are the crafts, skills, and technologies from the time period and cultures that the SCA covers. Participants research, study, and practice these skills and then share their results with others. You will see them in use and on display at our events - the recipes used for a feast, the armor worn in combat, the scrolls presented in Court, and the costumes (garb) we wear, just to name a few.

Photos and details about our activities can be found at the SCA Newcomers' Portal.

Below are links that can aid you in your research. Kingdom-level and local group Ministers of Arts & Sciences can also help provide answers, whether by finding resources or an expert in the field.

For research on particular time periods and countries, visit the Research and Resources page.

SCA Kingdom Arts & Sciences pages and Kingdom A&S contacts
Arts and Sciences of the Middle Ages and Renaissance
Kingdom of Atlantia's Arts and Sciences page
Stephan's Florilegium
An extensive collection of files on various SCA-related topics, collected from postings to SCA newsgroups and mailing lists, plus articles submitted by their authors
Publications of Interest to SCA participants
Over 45 publications on varying topics, including archery, heraldry, cooking, brewing, bardic arts, dance, and more
Mailing List for SCA Arts and Sciences
Covers Arts and Sciences in the SCA, with an emphasis on Old World, pre-1601 recreation. Encourages sharing information about resources and projects, discussing ways to promote the arts and sciences on local and kingdom levels, and information sharing across the Known World.
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