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    Feedback from Board Meet & Greet Sessions


    Based on questions and comments from the last few weeks, including the BoD Meet and Greet sessions from both Gulf and Estrella Wars, we wanted to address a few topics that have arisen.

    Sending proposed changes to Corpora out for commentary is part of the required process for changes to our governing documents. Proposed changes are not a ‘done deal’ at that point in the process, commentary is necessary for the BoD to be able to make the most appropriate decision for our organization. After the commentary period is over, the BoD has to decide whether to (i) approve the proposed change, (ii) submit alternate wording for commentary, or (iii) reject the proposed change. It takes a unanimous decision by the BoD to approve a proposed change to the Bylaws of the SCA and a two-thirds majority to approve a proposed change to Corpora or to the SCA’s Corporate Policies. Given that Directors represent multiple kingdoms, diverse SCA activities, differing levels of SCA experience, and decidedly individualized opinions, achieving a unanimous decision or even a two-thirds majority is not easily done. We want to thank everyone who has submitted commentary in the last few months on current topics – the response has been much more substantial than in the past, and we greatly appreciate it.

    The document retention policy approved in 2011 will be made available on the website as soon administratively possible.

    The offer from H&R Block was a program made available for any US non-profit organization that registered for the program. The SCA is not endorsing H&R Block. We apologize for any confusion and for the late timing of that announcement.

    Yours in Service,
    The Board of Directors
    Leslie Vaughn, Chairman | Baronessa Isabeau della Farfalla (OP)
    Mark Faulcon, Vice Chairman | Duke Martin Lochner (KSCA, OP)
    John Fulton, Director | Duke John the Bearkiller (KSCA, OP)
    Denise Hundley, Director | Countess Denise Duvalier (OP)
    Tim Jennings, Director | Garraed Galbraith (OL)
    Lisa May, Director | Countess Margaret ni Conner (OP)
    Kim McAuley, Director | Viscountess Kaellyn mac Dermott (OP)
    Max Nelson, Director-Elect | Baron Maximilian Von Halstern

    Comments are strongly encouraged and can be sent to:
    SCA Inc., Box 360789, Milpitas, CA 95036

    You may also email

    This announcement is an official informational release by the Society for Creative Anachronism , Inc. Permission is granted to reproduce this announcement in its entirety in newsletters, websites and electronic mailing lists.

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