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    Letter from the Board of Directors

    October 21, 2011


    I have just returned home from both Great Western War and the October Board of Directors meeting. We did not hold a Meet'n'Greet at GWW. I myself was not able to confirm my ability to drive out until the Tuesday before – modern world work obligations can affect volunteers at all levels in our organization. I was able to speak with the Society Officers that were there, as well as several people who have applied for Society Offices or who may be on the nominee list for the Board. Commentary on Board nominees from any and all who know the nominees is essential to the Board and the health of the organization. There are so many excellent people in our organization that could be nominated that the seven current Directors cannot know all of them personally!

    The Census Committee has extracted and validated more data for review and release at the October Board meeting. The two sets of data to be released are the results of questions related to an additional peerage or peerages and same-sex consorts for Crown/Coronet Lists. This data will be placed on the Census Committee website within the next two weeks. The Board recognizes the possible need for change in both of these areas expressed by participants in the SCA. Such potentially significant change to the structure of our organization would require changes to Corpora. The process for any changes to Corpora requires that the wording changes be sent out for commentary to the SCA as a whole for a minimum of 60 days. Given the interest in these two topics already observed by the Board, I am certain once any proposed changes are sent out for commentary that we will hear from all of you! We want to ensure that we have heard from as many participants as possible before any changes this significant to how our game is played are implemented.

    I want to thank everyone who has communicated with the Board in one fashion or another in the last quarter. We all want to hear your opinions, in person or through; or through email or letters to Officers and/or Ombudsmen. We are participants in the SCA as well as volunteers for the administration and stewardship of our organization, and we look forward to hearing from everyone.

    Leslie Vaughn, Chairman
    aka Baronessa Isabeau della Farfalla
    Mark Faulcon, Vice-Chairman
    aka Duke Martin Lochner
    John Fulton, Director
    aka Duke John the Bearkiller
    Denise Hundley, Director
    aka Countess Denise Duvalier
    Tim Jennings, Director
    aka Master Garraed Galbraith
    Lisa A. May, Director
    aka Countess Margaret ni Conner
    Kim McAuley, Director
    aka Viscountess Kaellyn mac Dermott

    Comments are strongly encouraged and can be sent to:
    SCA Inc.
    Box 360789
    Milpitas, CA 95036

    You may also email

    This announcement is an official informational release by the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. Permission is granted to reproduce this announcement in its entirety in newsletters, websites and electronic mailing lists.

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