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Tournaments Illuminated (ISSN 073206645) is published quarterly for subscribing members of the Society for Creative Anachronism. Back issues of Tournaments Illuminated and other Society publications are available from the Stock Clerk, Member Services Office, P.O. Box 360789, Milpitas, CA 95036-0789.

Also see the Tournaments Illuminated Index by Topic elsewhere on this website. Special thanks to Lord James Beckett of Westmorland and Lady Angharad MacIvar of Stirling for their hard work! Thanks also to Mistress Þóra Sharptooth, Lady Bettina von Haschenfeld, Donal O'Brien, and Lady Lornia of Midhurst for their kind assistance.

 Issue #189, First Quarter 2014
  • "SCA and Social Media" by Avery W. Krouse / Tobias Morgan
  • "Whipcording" by Jean Hetzel / Eithni Ingen Talorgain
  • "Books of Hours" by Johnna Holloway / Johnnae Llyn Lewis
  • "Recycling Silk for Weaving Projects" by Cynthia Sebolt / Czina Angielczyka
  • "Tablet Charting" by Kevin Rhodes / Cormac Mor
  • "Burn Testing Fabric" by Bjo Trimble / Flavia Beatrice Carmignani
  • "Quest: Fiber Arts" by Guest Editor Erin Alderson / Flavia Carmignani
  • "The Master William Blackfox Awards - Websites 2013"
  • Anachronist's Bookshelf: Fruitful Endeavors: The 16th-Century Household Secrets of Catherine Tollemache at Helmington Hall by Moira Coleman (reviewed by Kit Warner / Christopher Warrener)
  • Anachronist's Bookshelf: Respect the Spindle by Abby Franquemont (reviewed by Esther Reese / Emma Haldan)

Issue #188, Fourth Quarter 2013

  • "Medieval Timekeeping: Court will begin at Half-way Terce – Keeping Time in High Medieval Europe" by April Anderson / Felinah Khan Ad Din
  • "The Master William Blackfox Awards, A.S. 47" by Phoebe Waller-Sharp / Ysabeau Tiercelin
  • "JSTOR:" by Esther Reese / Emma Haldan
  • "Lost and Found: Abandoned English Treasures" by Ellen Rawson / Ariel of Lindisfarne
  • "Quest Results: SCA Family Matters" by Robin Finch / Rand Fynch
  • "Robert May: an Appreciation" by JK Holloway / Johnnae Llyn Lewis
  • Merchants, Princes and Painters: Silk Painters in Italian and Northern Paintings, 1300-1500 by Lisa Monnas (reviewed by Esther Reese / Emma Haldan)
  • "Medieval Destinations: Cowdray Ruins, West Sussex, And England: the Kitchen of Robert May, The Accomplisht Cook" by Ellen Rawson / Ariel of Lindisfarne
  • "Merry Tales: A Horse's Tail" by James Nasium / Iannis of Athens

Issue #187, Third Quarter 2013
  • "Combat Boot Cover AKA Cobbling the Spangen Menace: A guide to making a spat-type overlay to put on a 21st c. boot, which will approximate the appearance of early Society footwear similar to the Oseberg boot style" by John Perkins / Owain ap Gwyllym Pengryth
  • Life in a Medieval City by Joseph and Frances Gies (reviewed by Kit Warner / Christopher Warrener
  • Life in a Medieval Village by Joseph and Frances Gies (reviewed by Kit Warner / Christopher Warrener
  • "The SCA, the IRS, and You: A guide to Charitable Donations for U.S. Members" by Carolyn Richardson / Tetchubah of Greenlake
  • "Iced and Chilled Water" by JK Holloway/ Johnnae Llyn Lewis
  • Textiles and Textile Production in Europe: From Prehistory to AD 400 Edited by Margarita Gleba and Ulla Mannering. (reviewed by Esther Reese/Emma Haldan)
  • The Discarded Image: An Introduction to Medieval and Renaissance Literature by C.S. Lewis (reviewed by Wendy Marsh / Willoc Mac Muiredaig)
  • "Skinnfeller: Viking Age Bedding-Skinnfeller, Sewn Sheepskins: a Proposed Reconstruction" by Owen Christianson / Guttorm Arnesson and Elspeth McPherson Christianson / Ealasaid nic Phearsoinn
  • "Quest Article: Leatherworking" by Guest Editor Lachlan Andrew MacGregor / Lachlan Andrew
  • Sports and Games of Medieval Cultures by Sally Wilkins (reviewed by Esther Reeves / Emma Haldan)
  • "Merry Tales: Adventures in Acronymia" by Kit Warner / Christopher Warrener
  • "Medieval Destinations: Castle Kreuzenstein: Idealized Medieval Castle and Museum" by Susanne Mayer / Katharina Woinovich
Issue #186, Second Quarter 2013
  • "Making Skyr" by Owen Christianson / Guttorm Arnesson with Elizabeth McPherson Christianson / Ealasaid Nic Phearsoinn
  • "Making A Tailored Smokkr" by Margaret Sanborn / Ciar Ingen Daire
  • "An 8th C Gotland Shawl" by Rebecca Lucas / ÁsfríÐr UlfvíÐardóttir
  • "Zenith and Decline: The Hanseatic League and the Teutonic Order in the Late 14th and Early 15th Centuries" by Jennifer Franson / Fionnabhair Kyriath Inghean Ui Neill
  • "To Pennsic, No Luggage" by Ellen Robinson / Madelaine Bouvier
  • The Genesis of Science: How the Christian Middle Ages Launched the Scientific Revolution by James Hannam (book review by Lorraine Devereaux)
  • "Quest article: Court As Theatre" by Guest Editor Kevin Rhodes / Cormac Mor

Issue #185, First Quarter 2013

  • "Grindbygning: to Build a Viking Age Longhouse" by Owen Christianson / Guttorm Arneson
  • "How to Teach Fencing" by Ken Mondschein
  • "Late Medieval Houses" by Mary Frost / Mary Verch Thomas
  • "Demystifying the Board" by Katherine Journeay and Nicole Toscano / Marguerite inghen Lachlainn and Leonete D'Angely
  • "Quest Article: Capes, Coats and Cloaks" Guest Editor Debbie Coyle / Lynnette de Sandoval
  • "War Report: GWW XV" by Jason Rogers / Augustine von Freiburg
  • Queen Elizabeth In The Garden and The Making Of The English Gardener (book reviews by Johnna Holloway / Johnnae Llyn Lewis)

Issue #184, Fourth Quarter 2012

  • "TI 45th Reminiscences: Interview with Diana Paxson / Diana Listmaker"
  • "TI Classic: Hastings 2000" by Mike Cady with Henrik Olsgaard / Arthur of Lockehaven with Henrik of Havn
  • "William Blackfox Awards"
  • "Recreating the Elizabethan Feast" by Johnna Holloway / Johnnae Llyn Lewis
  • "Quest Article: Daytime Shelter at Events" Guest Editor Lachlan Andrew / Lachlan Andrew MacGregor
  • Bradamant's Quest (book review by Dar'C O'Neal / Riordan MacGregor)

Issue #183, Third Quarter 2012

  • "Disabled-Friendly Events" by Dana Cushing / Austrechild von Mondsee al-Jubaatee
  • "Bomticc Tapestry: Interview with Caroline Polli / Jadwiga Wlodzislawska"
  • "Beer Brewing Etymology Volume 2" by Elspeth Payne / Sorcha Crowe
  • "Digital Repositories" by Jennifer Franson / Fionnabhair Kyriath Inghen Ui Neill
  • "Quest Article: Victory Over Event Circumstances" Guest Editor Judy Gerjuoy / Jaelle of Armida
  • "TI 45th Reminiscences: Interview with Sharon and David Green / Rima of Rockridge and Ruthven of Rockridge"
  • "Gulf Wars Town Hall Meeting Pictures" by Leslie Luther-Fulton / Jane Falada of Englewood
  • Beowulf (video review by Esther Reese / Emma Haldan)
  • Beowulf (book review by Ellen Rawson / Ariel of Lindisfarne)
  • Secret Murder: Who Shall Judge? (book review by Kythera of Anevern / Ciothruadh Dubh)

Issue #182, Second Quarter 2012

  • "Beer Brewing Etymology" by Elspeth Payne / Sorcha Crowe
  • "The Cluny Table" by David Friedman / Cariadoc of the Bow
  • "Scappi's Beef Ribs Recipe" by JK Holloway / Johnnae llyn Lewis
  • "The Coazzone: An Italian Braid Case" by Lynda Fjellman / Ilaria Veltri degli Ansari
  • "Presentation Pointers" by Lachlan Andrew / Lachlan Andrew McGregor
  • "Quest Article: Woodworking Hints" Guest Editors: Edgar Carthell / Edward Ean Anderson and Garfield Matson / Geirfold halvblindi
  • "Make Pegs Like a Viking" by Owen Christianson / Guttorm Arnesson
  • "TI: It was Ever Thus" by TI Staff
  • "Thoughts on Entering A & S Competitions" by Judy Gerjouy / Jaelle of Armida
  • Libellus De Arte Coquinaria: An Early Northern Cookery Book. Edited by Rudolf Crewe and Constance Hieatt (book review by Esther Reese / Emma Haldan)
  • A Miscellany. 10th Edition. by David Freeman and Elizabeth Cook. (book review by Kit Warner / Christopher Warrener)

Issue #181, First Quarter 2012

  • "Quest Article: Favorite Tourney Lunches" by CiarLasse MacGregor
  • "Disguises: Site Art Coverups" by Iseult of Broceliande
  • "Manesse Codex Headware for Women" by Aimee Sparrowe
  • "Acanthus Made Easier" by Fionnabhair Kyrieth Inghen ui Neill
  • "Triolet" by Fionnabhair Kyrieth Inghean ui Neill
  • The Progresses, Pageants, and Entertainments of Queen Elizabeth I. Edited by Jayne Elizabeth Archer, Elizabeth Goldring and Sarah Knight (book review by Eleanor of Leycestershire)
  • TI 45th Reminiscences: Interview with John and Bjo Trimble /John ap Griffin and Flavia Beatrice Carmignani

Issue #180, Fourth Quarter 2011

  • "Medieval Media 101" by Guillaume de la Belgique
  • "Forging A Fork" by Njall Olaf Hagerson
  • "Pennsic Chronicle: An Account of a Deed of Arms" by Jehan de Pelham
  • "Census Results: Initial Data Release" by Ysabeau of Prague
  • "Villanelle: On War" by Fionnabhair Kyrieth Inghean ui Neill
  • War Fare (book review by Johnnae Ilyn Lewis)

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Issue #177, First Quarter 2011

  • "Trew Size of the Worlde" by Geoffrey fitz Robert
  • "Writing A&S Documentation" by Hrefna karsefni
  • "The Judge's Honor" by CiarLasse MacGregor
  • "Growing the SCA" by Luce Antony Venus
  • "Archery Loaner Gear" by Mungo Napier
  • The Time Traveler's Guide to Medieval England (book review by Michaela de La Chesnaye des Bois)
  • The Big Book of Knights, Nobles & Knaves (book review by Nadezhda Volodarevski)

Issue #176, Fourth Quarter 2010

  • "How to Make a 13th C English Scabbard" by Czina Angielczyka
  • "Raffaelesca Motifs in Maiolica" by Elaine Fairchild of Bishopsgate
  • "The Poore House Dayshade" by Cormac Mór
  • "Camp Furniture Covers" by Amie Sparrow
  • "How to Write for Tournaments Illuminated"
  • "The Rules of the Game" by Alys Katharine

Issue #175, Third Quarter 2010
  • "Faux Stained Glass Windows" by Yseult of Broceliande
  • "Belts in Viking Women's Graves" by Ásfríðr Ulfvíðardóttir
  • "Brewing: Things That Go Boom in the Night" by Sorcha Prechan
  • "Heraldic Display" by Jaelle of Armida
  • "Vox Externa" – Marc Drogin
  • The Herald in Late Medieval Europe (book review by Jaelle of Armida)
  • Fashion and Armour in Renaissance Europe: Proud Lookes and Brave Attiure (book review by Ariel of Lindisfarne)
  • An Early Lace Workbook: Bobbin Lace Techniques before the Baroque (book review by Galla Zandra the Compassionate)

Issue #174, Second Quarter 2010
  • "Wahre Hoveschheit: A Low German Manual of Manners" a translation by Giano Balestriere
  • "How to Sew a Gore" by Marcele de Montsegur
  • "Hallstatt Era Tablet Weaving" by Czina Angielczyka
  • "Disguises: Book Bag and Book Covers" by Amie Sparrow and Martelle von Charlottenburg
  • "Vox Externa" – Dr. Steven Gunn and Linda Monckton
  • Life in a Medieval Cloister (book review by Mungo Napier)
  • The Dancing Plague (book review by Michaela de La Chesnaye des Bois)
  • Reclaiming the Blade (documentary review by Guillaume de la Belgique)

Issue #173, First Quarter 2010
  • "Scottish Archers in the Late Middle Ages" by Mungo Napier
  • "Viking Cookery: Four Perspectives" by Giano Balestriere, Johnnae llyn Lewis, Thorhalla Carlsdottir af Bröberg and Tófa Jóhansdóttir
  • "Female Viking Finn Costume" by Tófa Jóhansdóttir
  • "Compleat Anachronist Demystified" by Minowara Kiritsubo no Ason
  • Health and Healing from the Medieval Garden (book review by Jadwiga Zajaczkowa)

Issue #172, Fourth Quarter 2009
  • "Medieval Ceramic Stills: Manufacture and Performance" by Timothy Marsh
  • "Opus Interrasile" by Apollonia Voss
  • "Shortbread: Another Look" by Johnnae Llyn Lewis
  • "Vox Externa" – Dr. Oliver Creighton
  • Medieval Clothing and Textiles 5 (book review by Jaelle of Armida)
  • Medieval Wall Paintings in English and Welsh Churches (book review by Ariel of Lindisfarne)
  • Shakespeare's London on Five Groats a Day (book review by Ariel of Lindisfarne)

Issue #171, Third Quarter 2009
  • "Henry VIII's Coronation: Happenings" by Karen Larsdatter
  • "Henry VIII's Coronation: 260 Dishes" by Hogge de Watlyne
  • "Henry VIII's Coronation: Activity Page" by Riordan McGregor
  • "In the Style of the Oxburgh Hangings" by Karen Larsdatter
  • "Newcomer Camping" by Bridget Lucia MacKenzie
  • "A Modular Banner Pole" by Morven of Carrick
  • A Proper Newe Booke of Cokerye (book review by Johnnae Llyn Lewis)
  • Agincourt: Henry V and the Battle That Made England (book review by Etienne of Burgundy)

Issue #170, Second Quarter 2009
  • "Heraldic Plaque Belt: Plaque Belt Construction Using Soapstone Pewter Castings" by Sabine du Bourbonnais
  • "Amadis of Gaul: A New Translation" by Susana Burgos
  • "Barley Water" by Johnnae llyn Lewis
  • "New Year's Resolutions, Society Style" by Riordan Robert MacGregor
  • Introduction to Manuscript Studies (book review by Jaelle of Armida)
  • A Compendium of Common Knowledge, 1558-1603 (book review by Isebail nee Bhatar)

Issue #169, First Quarter 2009
  • "Beyond Black and White: Grisaille Manuscript Illumination in the Late Middle Ages" by Gwerfyl verch Aneirin
  • "Tryangle stolys for my Lord" by Findlaech mac Alasdair
  • "Volunteer Coordination" by Eden Blacksmith
  • "TI Classic: Leather Quiver Design & Construction" by Duryn the Red
  • Dressing the Past (book review by Jaelle of Armida)
  • The Book of Sent Soví (book review by Jaelle of Armida)
  • God's Crucible (book review by Cristobal bin Qasim al-Qurtubi)
  • Celebration at the Sarayi (book review by Mairi Ceilidh)

Issue #168, Fourth Quarter 2008
Issue #167, Third Quarter 2008
  • "Opus Anglicanum" by Richenda Elizabeth Coffin
  • "Observations of a Joust" by Alexis LaBouche and Rhys Terafan Greydragon
  • "Old Roses" by Ealdred of Gwyntarian
  • "A Period Archery Target" by Jon Fitz-Rauf
  • Cooking and Dining In Medieval England by Peter Brears (book review by Johnnae llyn Lewis)
  • Stepping Through Time and Purses in Pieces by Olaf Goubitz (book reviews by Lillia de Vaux)
  • Medieval Dress & Fashion by Margaret Scott (book review by Jaelle of Armida)
  • Annals of the Caliphs' Kitchens by Nawal Nasrallah (book review by Johnnae llyn Lewis)

Issue #166, Second Quarter 2008
  • "The Secular Orders of Chivalry" by Dietrich von Vogelsang
  • "Past Repasts of the Fast Kind" by Johnnae llyn Lewis
  • "Edge Decoration on Medieval Books" by Gwerfyl verch Aneirin and Sunneva de Cleia
  • "Hound Coursing by Rebecca with the Greyhound
  • Four Queens: The Provençal Sisters Who Ruled Europe by Nancy Goldstone (book review by Lorraine Devereaux)

Issue #165, First Quarter 2008
  • "Medieval Knitting" by Christian de Holacombe
  • "The Fifth Skill: Archery" by the Ottoman Studies Foundation and Aktay al-Firaas
  • "'Medieval' Ice Chest" by Arthur Knox
  • "Sugar Stages" by Alys Katharine
  • "End of the Dead" by Ysabelle d'Angiers
  • "Wordplay" by Johnnae llyn Lewis
  • "Called to Court" by Jehanne le feu du Christ
  • Here Comes the Reign, Sir Guillaume! by Scott Farrell (book review by Geirfold Kolbeinson)
  • Filthy Shakespeare by Pauline Kiernan (book review by Johnnae llyn Lewis)
  • The Embroideries at Hardwick Hall: A Catalogue by Santina M. Levey (book review by Johnnae llyn Lewis)
  • The Pavilion Book by John LaTorre (book review by Rufus MacDaniel)

Issue #164, Fourth Quarter 2007
Issue #163, Third Quarter 2007
  • "Lighting the Dark" by Bedwyr Danwyn
  • "Reproduction Subtlety Molds" by Johnnae llyn Lewis
  • "Tournament Etiquette" by Donal Mac Ruiseart
  • "Peas in a Pod" by Randall Vihari-Farkas
  • "A Scottish Betrothal" by Margaret Hepburn
  • "Safe Feasting" by Terrell al-Qasab
  • "Armor Repair Station" by Sven Odin Eye
  • "You Forgot the What?" by Yehudah of Nuremberg
  • The Art of Artifice by Sally Pointer (book review by Jadwiga Zajaczkowa)

Issue #162, Second Quarter 2007
  • "On Woods Walks" by Arthur Mclean
  • "Binding a Late Gothic Book" by Nancy Hulan
  • "Subtleties and Sotleties: a Survey of Splendid Foolishness" by JK Holloway
  • "Pasties, the Medieval Sandwich by Karla Norris

Issue #161, Winter 2007
  • "Gift of the Body" by Mark Calderwood
  • "In Search of the Period Embroidery Frame" by Sandra Bonds McDaniel
  • "How To Build a 'Slate' Embroidery Frame" by Phyllis G. Creceliusy
  • "Persian Gold: 16th Century Safavid Manuscript Marginal Gilding" by Grace Vibbert
  • "The Chat Gris Prize for Dance Research
  • "Turban Tying 101" by John Sandstorm

Issue #160, Fall 2006
  • "Equestrian Autocrat Guidelines" by David Cadwell and Donna DeBonis
  • "Helpful Hints I Have Learned as an SCA Scribe" by Susan Holt
  • "On Being a Hospitaller, or Welcome to the SCA" by Elise Fleming
  • "Demo in a Box" by Kipp Martines
  • "Master William Blackfox Awards A.S. 40
  • "The SCA and Young Children (Four and Under)" by Michelle Chele Martines
  • "Water R'vd" by Ana Areces
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Issue #159, Summer 2006
  • "How to Wear an Elizabethan Coif " by Laura Mellin
  • "The Lady in the Loggia - Part II" by Mark Calderwood
  • "Our Medieval World in the Media’s Eye" by Tamara Griggs
  • "Garments and Armor in the Canterbury Tales" by Karen Harris

Issue #158, Spring 2006
  • "The Lady in the Loggia - Part I" by Mark Calderwood
  • "So, You’re Going to Teach a Class?" by Cathie Sanders
  • "War and Tourney Shields" by Bob Le Pine
  • "Nine Man’s Morris" by Debbie Terry
  • "Building a Better Castle" by Scott Buchan

Issue #157, Winter 2006
  • "Sticks And Stones" by Scott Farrell
  • "Re-Enactment in Cadw’s Castles
  • "Travels with Vallawulf" by Daryl F. Mallet
  • "On Rules for Feast Menus, or, Why No One Ever Says 'Let Them Eat Tripe'" by Daniel C. Phelps
  • "Master William Blackfox Awards A.S. 39" by Nicolaa De Bracton
  • "Who Was Master William Blackfox?" by John Sandstorm
  • "An Essay on Mons" by Timothy Shead
  • "An Old English Chronicle/Praise Poem" by Ana Areces

Issue #156, Fall 2005
  • "A Rebel’s View of the An Tir Rebellion, Part II" by Emily SD Thompson
  • "Approved Rules for the Study and Education of Historical Combat Techniques within the SCA" from the Office of the Society MoAS
  • "A List of the Shires, Cantons, Colleges, Etc. of the Known World
  • "Biological Warfare in Medieval and Ancient Times" by Amanda Snodgrass
  • "The First 'First Event'" by Lew Wolkoff

Issue #155, Summer 2005
  • "A Rebel’s View of the An Tir Rebellion" by Emily SD Thompson
  • "Radio Etiquette and Protocol for Estrella War" by Larry Baum
  • "A Brief History of Cartography in the Middle Ages And Renaissance" by Eric Browning
  • "So, What is a Period Sari Anyway?" by Margaret Polson
  • "Understanding SCA Law: the Kingdom Seneschal’s Challenge" by Katie Richardson

Issue #154, Spring 2005
  • "Moving the Food Dish" by George L. Reed
  • "The Life of a Submission" by Lillith Lesanges
  • "Budget Pavilion" by Robin Dawman
  • "Guide for Newcomers to Retinue" by Aline Kevorkian
  • "10th Century Rus Trade Beads" by Jennifer Nelson Kemp
  • "Sestina II – Legacy of Henry the VIII" by Ana Areces

Issue #153, Winter 2004
  • "Cotton in Momoyama Japan" by Gerry Hubbell
  • "Heian Poetry Jam: the Poetic and Social History of Waka" by Lisa A. Joseph
  • "Making an Elizabethan French Hood" by Marie Schorn
  • "Master William Blackfox Awards" by Nicolaa de Bracton, Society Chronicler
  • "Byzantine Poetry in English" by Robert Smith
  • "Recruiting for the SCA" by Nikki Lowrey

Issue #152, Fall 2004
  • "Known World Toys for Tots Challenge" by Adam Hathaway and Jason D. Crawford
  • "The Squire’s Tale" by Christopher Lubrecht
  • "On Rehydration" by Dr. Keith E. Brandt, M.D., M.P.H.
  • "Thinking About a Name and Device? Heraldry for Absolute Beginners" by Jonathan Ibarra
  • "The Ten Habits of Very Successful Costumers" by Truly Biggs
  • "The Confitures of Nostradamus" by Johnna H. Holloway
  • "For Ariella" by Brian Martin
  • "Medical Gear and Batteries" by Phil Reed

Issue #151, Summer 2004
  • "Lacis" by June Swinford
  • "Specialty Beverages: Aqua Vitae, Cordials and Herbals" by John Sage
  • "A Linguistic Exercise: an English Sonnet and its Spanish Translation" by Ana Areces
  • "When Events Go Bad…Really, Really Bad" by Bruce R. Gordon
  • "The Secrets of Sword Fighting - Now They Can Be Yours!" by Michael Cady

Issue #150, Spring 2004
  • "History of the Roman Dalmatica" by Wendy Lyons
  • "I Forgot" by Bridget Pechtel
  • "Dog Carts and Draft Dog Training: Directions to Convert a European Style Hand Wagon Into a 'Period' Dog Wagon" by Rebecca Morris
  • "Timeless Beauty" by Brian Martin
  • "Medieval Halfsword Techniques for SCA Fighting" by Hugh T. Knight, Jr.
  • "The Dance of the Whirling Dervishes" by Sherry Wallace
  • "Like Fighting for the First Time Again…" by Elmar Vogt

Issue #149, Winter 2004
  • "On the Making of Anglo-Saxon Getelds" by David Clarke
  • "A 16th-century Style Knit Purse" by Veronica McNulty
  • "Making an Armorer’s Sight for a Crossbow" by Roy Powell
  • "Kumihimo: the Art of Japanese Cord-Making" by Melanie Robbins
  • "A Refutation of the Myth of the Giant Medieval Warhorse" by Dianne Karp
  • "Academic Conferences: a Primer" by Susan Carroll-Clark
  • "Resources for Researching Medieval Martial Arts" by John Jordan
  • "Building and Weaving on a Warp-Weighted Loom: Information and Helpful Hints" by Danette Pratt
  • "A 16th-century German Wheelbarrow" by James Winker

Issue #148, Fall 2003
  • "The Nun’s Priest’s Capul’s Tale: Exegesis on a Lost Manuscript" by Elyse Tera
  • "Researching and Recreating Herjolfsnes Hood No. 66" by Patricia Early
  • "Flags, Banners and Heraldic Displays" by Rey Baretto
  • "To Build an Anachronistic Wall" by Scott Buchan
  • "Composting a Gymel: a 14th-century English Song Style" by Cynthia J. Ley
  • "The Golden Given" by Kenneth F. Muller

Issue #147, Summer 2003
  • "Spanish Lusterware" by Anne Carenbauer
  • "Alessio and the Secretes of Cookery" by Johnna H. Halloway
  • "Rearing Silkworms at Home" by Sheri Israel
  • "A Verse to Learn Ogam/Ogham" by Melinda Sherbring
  • "Fresh Summer Fruit Pies of the Libro Novo" by Heather Mosey
  • "Sestina: The Wall " by Janet Cooley Anderson

Issue #146, Spring 2003
  • "Growing Up in 12th – 15th century Europe" by Keith Nealson
  • "Breughel Babies: Children’s Clothing from the Paintings of Pieter Breughel the Elder" by Kate Penney
  • " 'Believe In The Power Of Stories!' the Importance of Storytelling in the SCA and Elsewhere" by Robert Seutter
  • "How To Build A Model Onager" by Earl Ryan
  • "The Many Hats of the Minister of Children" by Diane Wagner

Issue #145, Winter 2003
  • "Recreating Medieval Lent" by Agnes deLanvallei
  • "3 Lenten Recipes" by Randon Eliason
  • "Recreating a Medieval Garden" by Donna Mitchell
  • "So You Want a Rapier Helmet?" by Mark Gipson
  • "Using the Internet for Research and Documentation" by Karen Harris

Issue #144, Autumn 2002 (misnumbered as #140)
  • "There are No Scrolls" by Theresia von Tux
  • "Safety Tips for SCA Riders on Rental Horses" by Donwenna Beast Healer
  • "It's Not Just A Plate! The Beauty and Importance of Maiolica" by Artemesia Serena
  • "A Brief History of the Rom" by Keja Tselebnika
  • Regional Cuisines of Medieval Europe: A Book of Essays edited by Melitta Weiss Adamson (book review by Joshua ibn-Eleazar ha-Shalib)
  • Here be Wyverns: Hundreds of Patterns Graphed from Medieval Sources by Nancy Spies (book review by Nicolaa de Bracton)
  • The Queen's Man and Cruel as the Grave by Sharon Kay Penman (book review by Michaela de la Chesnaye des Bois)

Issue #143, Summer 2002
Issue #142, Spring 2002
  • "Steppes to Success, or How to make Your Own Yurt in Seven Easy Steps" by Conrad d'Anjou
  • "Some Typical Types of Medieval English Pottery" by Hroar Stormgengr
  • "Self-nock Arrows Made Easy" by Omelan the Left
  • "It Takes a Village" by Alysoun de Ros and Isabel Moundoghter
  • "So You Want to Teach Fencing in the SCA?" by Gwylym ab Owain
  • Armour from the Battle of Wisby by Bengt Thordeman and Blood Red Roses: The Archaeology of a Mass Grave from the Battle of Towton AD 1461 by Veronica Fiorato et al. (book reviews by Finvarr de Taahe)
  • Medieval Popular Religion 1000-1500: A Reader by John Shinners (book review by Nicolaa de Bracton)
  • "Creating Medieval-Style Heraldry" by Alan Fairfax

Issue #141, Winter 2002
  • "Where Did the Normans Get Their Sleeves?" by Robin Netherton
  • "Hastings 2000: Our Experiences at the Battle of Hastings, October 4, 2000" by Arthur of Lochehaven and Henrik of Havn
  • "On the Use of the Spear" by Donal Mac Ruiseart
  • Marking Time: The Epic Quest to Invent the Perfect Calendar by Duncan Steel; Calendar: Humanity's Epic Struggle to Determine a True and Accurate Year by David Ewing Duncan; The Medieval Calendar Year by Bridget Ann Henisch; and A Handbook of Dates for Students of British History by C.R. Cheney (book reviews by Nicolaa de Bracton)
  • The Dictionary of Ancient and Medieval Warfare by Matthew Bennett (book review by Gunther Waldstedt von Bremen)
  • A Medieval Family by Frances and Joseph Gies (book review by Nigel fitzMaurice)
  • "Castor and Pollux" by Ana Raquel de Guzman

Issue #140, Fall 2001
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Issue #139, Summer 2001
Issue #138, Spring 2001
Issue #137, Winter 2001
Issue #136, Autumn 2000
Issue #135, Summer 2000
Issue #134, Spring 2000
  • "Medieval Equestrian Games and Their Application to the Society" by Kassandra Tenebrosa
  • "The Carolingian Garden" by Raisya Khorivovna
  • "The Sixteenth-Century Irish Léine" by Cáisín nic Annaidh/Fujiwara no-Aoihime
  • "The Wife's Lament" translated with an introduction by Isolde de la Ramée
  • The Apprentice by Pilar Molina Llorente (book review by Michaela de la Chesnaye des Bois)
  • The Midwife's Apprentice by Karen Cushman (book review by Michaela de la Chesnaye des Bois)
  • Outrageous Women of the Middle Ages by Vicki Leon (book review by Michaela de la Chesnaye des Bois)

Issue #133, Winter 2000
  • "Fealty" by Alban St. Albans
  • "The Crown of Sir Galen" by Madeline MacLachlan
  • "Period Gaming: Pachisi, Pasit, and Chauput" by Rowan O'Sidhe
  • "Bobbin Lace" by Gweniver Kenwyn of Roseveth

Issue #132, Autumn 1999
  • "The Making of Perry" by Lettice Peyton
  • "Letter to Chlotilde: Women and Thirteenth-Century Medicine" by Bérengère d'Acre
  • "What Does A Lady (Really) Do?" by Elfrida of Greenwalls
  • "Help Wanted" by Alexandre sur le Mer
  • "Mounting Needlework for Framing or Display" by Gabrielle Chasseresse de Chevreuil

Issue #131, Summer 1999
  • "Printing Wisdom: From a Master Printer to his Adopted Son" by Bertram of Bearington
  • "The Ars Dictaminis or Medieval Art of Letter Writing" by Juliana Avenel
  • The Juggler by John Morressy (book review by Michaela de la Chesnaye des Bois)
  • The Medieval Garden by Sylvia Landsberg (book review by Ingvild Josefsdatter)
  • "Galileo's Telescope Replica" by Peter the Rock and Daniel
  • "Narrowing the Focus: A Different Kind of Event" by Nicolaa de Bracton
  • "Arts and Sciences in the Campground: Natural Dyeing" by Viviana Kirtler

Issue #130, Spring 1999
Issue #129, Winter 1999
  • Pleasures and Pastimes in Medieval England by Compton Reeves (book review by Rosamund Beauvisage)
  • The Last Apocalypse: Europe at the Year 1000 A.D. by James Reston, Jr. (book review by Midair MacCormaic)
  • "The Guitar in the Middle Ages and Renaissance" by Althea ni Cullaugh
  • "Fiberglass Combat Arrow Construction" by Jon Fitz-Rauf
  • "Chironomy, Chirology, Mime, Gesture and Sign Language Documentation of Sign Language from the Middle Ages" by Charles Butler
  • "The Compleat Cook" by Alys Katharine
  • "Viking Mosaic Beads from Polymer Clay" by Agnes of Whitby
  • "The Babees' Book: Authenticity Issues and Children's Activities" by Astriðr Selr Leifsdottir
  • "Coypright Law for the SCA, Part 1: The Law in General" by Morgan Cely Cain

Issue #128, Fall 1998
  • Take A Thousand Eggs or More by Cindy Renfrow, 2nd edition (book review by Alys Katherine)
  • The Art Forger's Handbook by Eric Hebborn (book review by Vincent the Calculator)
  • For Young Readers: The Baghdad Mission by Sidney & Dorothy Rosen (book review by Michaela de la Chesnaye des Bois)
  • "I Do This Because it is Fun" by Lore MacKay
  • "The Momoyama Rosode" by Awashima Kanoe
  • "Medieval Money" by James Allen
  • "How to Judge Beer" by Ansel the Barrister
  • "The Great Horse Myth -- Diminished" by Isabeau Pferdebändiger
  • "Signs of (Past) Times: Getting the Most out of Your Event Signs" by Myfanwy of Ceredigion and Berach de Winterbourne
  • "Coffee: The Wine of Islam" by Aidan Stonepillar
  • "Travel Among the Tartars" by Peotr Alexeivich Novgorodski
  • "The Fox Game" by Rowan O'Sidhe
  • "The History and Use of Cotton" by Laudin d'Ælinor
  • "A Medieval Reader" by Michael Cole

Issue #127, Summer 1998
  • Byzantine Silk Weaving, AD 400 to AD 1200 by Anna Muthesius (book review by Fiadnata ó Glenn Àlainn)
  • For Young Readers: The Beduins' Gazelle by Frances Temple (book review by Michaela de la Chesnaye des Bois)
  • "Cross Stitch Embroidery in the Middle Ages and Renaissance" by Karen Larsdatter
  • "A Short Treatise on the Art of Limning and Other Diverse Related Arts" by Wolfgang von Roessler
  • "The Use of Vellum" by Brendan Brisbane
  • "Castle Explorers: Hosting Events in Drachenwald Castles and Historical Sites" by Theresa Butler of Cahir and Anne Colet of Carshalton
  • "Payn Perdu" by Tera Dragonstaff
  • "Three Shields and Three Bucklers From One Sheet of Plywood" by Erick der Rotnacken
  • "A Historical Look at the Sport of Angling" by Creador TwineDragon
  • "Hippocras" by Emma of Hambledon
  • "Soothing the Pains of Change: Group Dynamics and the SCA" by Barbarrossa of Westumbria

Issue #126, Spring 1998
  • First Steps in Old English: An Easy to Follow Course for the Beginner and Ærgeweorc: Old English Verse and Prose by Stephen Pollington (book reviews by Isolde de la Ramée)
  • "Lower Leg Armor in the Early 13th Century" by Barok-Baran
  • "On Penning Sonnets in the Fashion of Shakespeare" by Gwendolyn merch Llewelyn
  • "Dulces Reales: Three Desserts from De Nola's Libro de Cozina" by Vencente Coenca
  • "Knitting Eleanor of Toledo's Stockings" by Camilla de la Reynarde
  • "The Norwegian Origin of Oil Painting" by Achren of the Debatable Lands
  • "The Muddle of the Woad" by Maria Theresa Ipeñarrieta
  • "Lighting a Viking Home" by Owen Sherard Trahern

Issue #125, Winter 1998
  • Early French Cookery: Sources, History, Original Recipes and Modern Adaptations by D. Eleanor & Terence Scully (book review by Daniel Raoul le Vascon du Navarré)
  • The Penguin Historical Atlas of the Vikings by John Haywood and The Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Rome by Chris Scarre (book review by Ingvild Josefsdatter)
  • The Writer's Guide to Everyday Life in the Middle Ages: The British Isles from 500 to 1500 by Sherrilyn Kenyon (book review by Meadhbh ni Bhriain)
  • "The Real Meaning of 'Ring Around the Rosie'" by Nicolaa de Bracton
  • "A Simple Break-Down Wheelbarrow" by Rowan O'Sidhe
  • "On Dutch Cookery" by Floris van Montfort and Hannah of Hanecnolle
  • "Basic Heat Treatment of Steel" by Eadwynne of Runedun
  • "Period Performance" by John Lyttleton
  • "Pyrography" by Miriam bas Levi
  • "Not by Swords Alone: Being an Exposition on Spears and Javelins" by Lonergan Fionn O'Flaherty
  • "A Period Laurel Ceremony" by Deirdre O'Siodhachain
  • "The Rear End of the Story" by Achsa de Beresford

Issue #124, Fall 1997
  • Textiles, Cordage, and Raw Fibre from 16-22 Coppergate by Penelope Walton (book review by RoseMary Fleury FitzHugh)
  • The Book of Chivalry of Geoffroi de Charny: Text, Context and Translation by Richard W. Kaeuper and Elspeth Kennedy (book review by Finvarr de Taahe)
  • "Period Gaming: Morris Games" by Rowan O'Sidhe
  • "An Overview of Glass Beads" by Mellitus of Rouncivale
  • "The Work of Angels: The Design and Production of Hiberno-Saxon Manuscripts" by Fræ Fitzalleyne
  • "A German Meal from the Fourteenth Century" by Kateryn de Develyn
  • "Floor-standing Band Looms" by Ingvild Josefsdatter
  • "Drinking Vessels (Mostly Glass) of the Middle Ages" by Siglinde Harfnerstochter
  • "William Marshal: Flower of Chivalry" by Iseaubail de Bohun
  • "The Hunting of the Boar of Dunadd" by Gwernin Kyuarwyd
  • "The Burden of the Crown: Ceremonies as Binding Rituals" by Alexandre sur le Mer
  • "You Want To Help Out" by Rosalind O'Maughan

Issue #123, Summer 1997
  • Plants and People: Economic Botany in Northern Europe AD 800-1800 ed. J.H. Dickson and R.R. Mill (book review by Ingvild Josefsdatter)
  • Sources for Medieval Gardens (multiple book review by Yseult of Broceliande)
  • Constructing Medieval Furniture by Daniel Diehl (book review by Dafydd ap Gwystl)
  • "Constructing a Fifteenth-Century Bench" (excerpt from Diehl's Constructing Medieval Furniture)
  • "Alquerque, Fierges, and Force: Period Board Games" by Rowan O'Sidhe
  • "Large Caul Pattern to Crochet" contributed by Camilla de la Reynarde
  • "Top Ten German Male Names From Das Hausbuch der Mendelschen" by Negham "Kestral" MacLachlan
  • "An Arabic Style Alphabet" by Shajar al-Yaasmeen
  • "Coursing with Greyhounds" by Beowulf Gordon
  • "Rune Songs" by Èowyn Amberdrake
  • "Aztec Cooking: A Short History with Recipes" by Gwenhwyvar Lawen fitz Herbert
  • "The Burden of the Crown: Royalty as a Role" by Alexandre sur le Mer
  • "The Nastycrat: It's a Tough Job But Someone's Got to Do It" by Scotti mac Curraugh
  • "On Making and Using the Medieval Hand Sling" by Brennus Mac an Bhaird

Issue #122, Spring 1997
Issue #121, Winter 1997
  • The Portable Medieval Reader ed. James Bruce Ross and Mary Martin McLaughlin (book review by Richard the Poor of Ely)
  • The Crusades by Zoe Oldenbourg (book review by Richard the Poor of Ely)
  • A Sip Through Time: A Collection of Old Brewing Recipes by Cindy Renfrow (book review by Meredydd ferch Owain ap Eliseg)
  • "A Dozen Do's and Don'ts for Newcomers, Plus Two for Parents" by Alys Katharine
  • "Dye Recipes from the Innsbruck Manuscript" by Drea di Pellegrini
  • "A Note on Early Morris Dance" by Vladislav the Purple
  • "Courting and Dancing" by Emma of Hambeldon
  • "Euphemisms in the SCA" by Aldric von Baden
  • "Love and Walls: A Trio of Sestinas" by Arthur FitzEdgar
  • "King's Table: Game of the Noble Scandinavians" by Gunnora Hallakarva
  • "Creating New Recipes in a Period Style" by Ginevra Francesca Pallucchini
  • "The Art of Telling Stories to SCA Children" by Mælon the Sailor
  • "The Burden of the Crown: A Charge to the Fighters" by Alexandre sur le Mer
  • "Etcetera: Kingdom of the Outlands" by Jessa d'Avondale

Issue #120, Fall 1996
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Issue #99, Summer 1991
  • "What Constitutes a Name"
  • "Marzipan Grapes"
  • "Sugar Coated Grapes"
  • Lovesickness in the Middle Ages (book review by Hilary of Serendip)
  • "Late Medieval Rosaries" by Elizabeth Bennett
  • "Creating the Special-Interest Newsletter" by Alison MacDermot
  • "Let the Buyer Beware, or How to Avoid Starving and Still Get What You Want" by Rosalinde De Witte
  • "A Not-So-Dainty Dish" by Caterina de Forza d'Agro
  • "May It Please Your Worship" by Daibhid "Ruadh" MacLachlan
  • "The Flame" by Dorigen of the Grey Gate
  • "How to Succeed at Pennsic Troll Booth"
  • "A Soup of Mushrooms and Leeks" by Allyn O'Dubhda
  • "Sundials" by Camber of Ambrieres
  • Life in a Medieval Village (book review by Roderick Ian O'Connell)
  • "So You Want to Run a Demo?" by Nicholaus der Auslander

Issue #98, Spring 1991
  • "The Medieval Seder" by Eleazar ha-Levi
  • "A Combat Arrow" by Hywyn ap Gwynedd
  • "A Brief Glimpse of the 16th Century Mariner" by Liadaine of Cul Mor
  • "Running a Medieval Tournament" by Galleron de Cressy
  • "Banners for Beginners" by Eirika Francesca Pacchioni
  • "Some Thoughts on Staying In Persona" by Daibhid "Ruadh" MacLachlan

Issue #97, Winter 1990
  • "Gingerbread Cookie Decorations" by Bethia O'Tighearnaigh
  • "Saint Nicholas and the Christmas Demons" by Eadwynne of Runedun
  • "A Recipe for Ising Puddings" by Johanna Dudley
  • "Banner Staffs" by Tagan the Talesmythe
  • "Safety, Sanitation, and Hygiene in the SCA Kitchen" by Gideanus Tacitus Adamantius
  • "O iunkfru skon: A Poem in Fourteenth Century Swedish" by Rodbert Rudulfsson

Issue #96, Fall 1990
  • "Elegy for an Anciente Kynge" by Yrsa Ivarsdottir
  • "Cat Got Your Scroll?" by Aaron Faheud Swiftrunner
  • "Another Look at Writing and Speaking Forsoothly" by Tryggvi Grabardr Olsen
  • "The Head Knife: A Craftsman's Tool" by Brighid O'Maine
  • "Some Recipes of al-Andalus" by Joshua ibn-Eleazar ha-Shalib
  • "Choosing a Medieval Name" by Arval Benicoeur
  • A Glossary of the Construction, Decoration, and Use of Arms and Armor in All Countries and in All Times (book review)
  • "Recreating the Mente" by Geta Alexandra din Wallachia and Isvan din Brasov
  • A Guide to Library Research Methods (book review by Bogdan Illich Volknoi)
  • "The Celtic Chariot" by Morgan Wolfsinger

Issue #95, Summer 1990
  • "A Blackwork Cap" by Eowyn of Kincora
  • "Period Dolls" by Mairi Rhiana nam Beann
  • "We Do It With Mirrors" by Miriam Rachel bat Mordechai
  • "Transfer Ink for Embroidery" by Leonie de Grey
  • "Advice to Newcomers" and "Advice to Established Members" by Alys Katherine
  • "What's In A Name: The Hennin" by Ann of Hendon
  • A History of Private Life (Book review by Simon von der Eisenhandlung)
  • "Medieval Bookbinding" by Cynric of Bedwyn
  • "Sweet Summer's Roses" by Guimora
  • Le Viander de Taillevent: 14th Century Cookery (book review by Ariel of Caer Myrddin)

Issue #94, Spring 1990
Issue #93, Winter 1989
  • "An Early Period Shoe" by Genevieve Simone Christiane Buchanon
  • "Yet Another Medicinal Herbal" by Fithir Gormlaith Murrough
  • "A Welsh Card Game of the Tudor Era" by Brusten de Bearsul
  • "Silverpoint" by Maritsa Milovich
  • "On Spices and Substitutions" by Gideanus Tacitus Adamantius
  • "Making Pinch Pots" by Brielle Scianna Breacca
  • "The European Witch Hunt" by Mairi Rhianna nam Beann
  • "What Do Our Arms Lack?" by Mikhail Reubenovic Kopaczewski
  • "Journeyman's Quill and Inkwell" by Rory va Riada/Brighid O'Maine
  • "Opus Anglicanum" by Cateline de la Mor

Issue #92, Fall 1989
  • "Danserye: Bardic Synergy" by Sula von Pferdenthal
  • "Shoffe Grotte" by Cathal Sean o Connlauin
  • "The Book of Letters" by Robert Whitcome of Brandywine
  • "Oliphants, Rommelpots, Racketts and Some Other Unusual Early Instruments" by Gabriel du Renard
  • "Inviting 'Media Rex' to your Event" by Timothy Garagchan O'Leitrim
  • "A Basic Late-Period Shirt" by Randwulf Witlac of Axed Root
  • "Of Circles and Kings: Two Easy-to-Learn Chess Variants" by Roberto de Jerez
  • "Fermented Flax Paper" by Thomann Shadan Secarius
  • "The Chiseled Word" by Tryggvi Grabardr Olsen
  • "Some 16th Century Border Patterns for Blackwork Embroidery" by Brighid ni Chiarain of Tethba
  • "Coronation Pavane" by Thomas of Dinbucyh

Issue #91, Summer 1989
  • "Tent Fires" by Hawk James Galloway
  • "Medieval Spoons" by Caterina Leonora de Forza d'Agro
  • "Boffers" by Beth Carpenter of Rye
  • "Decorative Heraldry" by Ioseph of Locksley
  • "Noble Archery" by Abd-al-Sehaam
  • "Powdered Sugar" by Alys Katharine
  • "Fit to Fight" by Aaron Faheud Swiftrunner
  • "A Pressing Engagement" by Alexander Mareschal
  • The Colour Cauldron: The History and Use of Natural Dyes in Scotland by Su Grierson (book review by Siobhan ni Filidheacht)
  • "The Enchanted Ground" by Cariadoc of the Bow
  • The Book of the Medieval Knight (book review by John Burgolyon de la Kinghei)
  • "A Semi-Circular Tabard" by Randwulf Witlac of Axed Root
  • "Crannogs" by Robert of Ferness
  • "Cheeses: A History" by Marcia of Jarrow Motte

Issue #90, Spring 1989
  • "Stitches in Time" by Caterina da Monticello
  • "Of Squires and Other Military Matters" by Kenneth de Lyon
  • "Sestina I" by Dorigen of the Grey Gate
  • "The Nocturnal" by Camber of Ambrii
  • "Women Gladiators in the Roman Empire"
  • "Elizabethan Pomander" by Amytis de Fontaine
  • "Vegetarianism" by Kyran O'Rady
  • "Medieval Words" by Kiera Haefoc
  • "A Siberian Dance" by Perkuk Gilgehjeh
  • "Want to Hear a Good Story?"
  • "Practical Preparation for Period Feasts" by Judith of Kirtland
  • "The Bond of the Master" by Rosanore of Redthorn
  • "Living History on the Endangered List" by Helmut of Greenland
  • "As It Was or As It Should Have Been" by Richard of Seahaven and Megan Silverstar
  • "Tourney Dogs" by Anastajia Ludmillia Krasnovolkov
  • "The Temporary Pict" by Aervin ni Earain o Chonemara
  • "Gold Key Desperation" by Elspeth Henley
  • "The Game of Kings" by James of Penmore
  • "Berserkergang" by Gunnora Hallakarva
  • "Charoset" by Eleazar ha-Levi

Issue #89, Winter 1988
  • "The Period English Kitchen: Its Contents and Technology" by Judith of Kirtland
  • "A Sad Ballade" by Esperanza Halevi
  • "How to Pedigree Your Well-Bred Loaf" by Gideanus Tacitus Adamantius
  • "Eggplant with Cheese" by Nige of the Cleftlands, with assistance from Mathilde Meyer
  • "The Waterbearer's Friend" by Labhriunn de Ramsay
  • Tudor and Jacobean Tournaments (book review by Dawyd z Gury)
  • The Encyclopedia of the Renaissance (book review by Annaliese Whitcomb of Brandywine)
  • "Viking Research Source List" by Roark Wulfkynde the Peacock
  • "A Fifteenth Century Gift Box" by Clare de Crecy
  • "Scrounging Around" by Maree the Slightly Improper
  • "The Scribe's Sojourn From His Love" by Johannes von Nurenstein

Issue #88, Fall 1988
  • "A Sonnet" by Gabriel du Renard
  • "To Her Clever Gallant (Reply: To His Coy Mistress)" by Christine de Waughe
  • "Chivalry ... Off The Field"
  • "Simple Costume Care, Part 2: Stain Removal" by Siobhan Medhbh O'Roarke
  • "Drawing the Lindisfarne Dogs" by Èowyn Amberdrake
  • "The Beasts of Durham" by Èowyn Amberdrake
  • "Brewing from Grain" by Thaalabi uc defa Dokuntu
  • "The Mortgage of the Orkneys and the Shetlands" by Alastriona nic Choinnich O Ghleann Carron
  • An Autocrat's Handbook, 2nd Ed. (book review by Kale Harlansson of Gotland)
  • "Cutlery" by Catherine de Leon
  • "Viking Headdress" by Cateline de la Mor
  • French Recipes of Mathilde Brunel (book review by Tsivia bas Tamara v'Amberview)
  • "An Archer's Bibliography" by Francis Goodfellow
  • "Going to War" by Gareth of Bloodwine Gorge

Issue #87, Summer 1988
  • "In Search of Lost Pigments" by Megan n' Laine de Belle Rive
  • "Medieval Glass Making" by Eric of Telemark
  • "Keeping Up Appearances" by Siobhan Medhbh O'Roarke
  • "A Payre of Bodys: Tudor Corsets" by Ciorstan NicDonal MacAmhlaidh
  • "The Evolution of Early Anglo-Saxon Coinage" by Thorfin Halfdan
  • A War Story: Estrella A.S. XX by Jenna of SouthWind
  • "Occupational Heraldry" by Alison nic Dermot
  • "The Bond of the Apprentice" by Alisandre Oliphant
  • "A Little Can't Hurt: Alcoholism and the SCA"
  • "Scroungeology: The Fine Art of Finding What You Want -- Cheap!" by TSivia bas Tamara v'Amberview
  • "Doing Research in the Country Your Persona Calls Home" by Rhiannon y Glas
  • "Ignis Amoris: The Fires of Love" by Kellyn Firesinger
  • "Gon Wind Foh Sho: The Book of Five Dings" by John the Bearkiller
  • "A Crown Roast: Recipe for a King" by Eric Silverhand

Issue #86, Spring 1988
  • "A Source for Brewers and Vintners" by Thomann Shadan Secarius
  • "Sonnet to a Fool" by Sionann Muirgen n' Dhomnhall
  • "Acquiring a Period Cookbook Library" by Jaelle of Armida
  • "For Cooks and Cookery Scholars" by Lyndia of Woodlyn
  • "Some Recyts" by Cariadoc of the Bow
  • "What If ..." by B'la of Eastmarch
  • "Filking" by Roselyne d'Angleterre
  • "Concepts of Anglo-Saxon Law" by Dietrich Wenceslas von Brandeis
  • "What The Handbooks Don't Tell You" by Arvad Wendall
  • "On Being a Local Officer" by Gwynfer Lwyd
  • "Decking Out the Golden Hinde" by Eilidh nic Alpin
  • "Practical Combat Footwear" by Aeruin ni hEarain o Chonnemara

Issue #85, Winter 1987
  • "The Marshal's Baton: Combat Archery" by Thomann Shadan Secarius
  • "Ancestry of the Violin" by Frederick von Wolkenstein
  • "Riddle: A Lady Who Is Worshipped by a Knight" by Dorigen of the Grey Gate
  • "Sonnet XI: Heart's Ease" by Dorigen of the Grey Gate
  • "Spanish Costuming Circa 1200: The Pamplona Bible" by Henry Percival Kempe
  • "A Table and Bench Design" by Ralg Nilsen
  • "Tricks for Better Archery" by Wolf Peacemaker
  • "A Detailed Coif Pattern" by Denys de Caergwen
  • "There Were No Elves, But There Were Elf-Names" by Urien ap Medraut
  • "Obscure Origins of Familiar Christmas Carols" by Julia of the Forest
  • "Obscure Origins of Familiar 'Christmas Carols': Rebuttal" by Keridwen of Montrose
  • "A Stone Circle for Glasgow" by Duncan Lunan

Issue #84, Fall 1987
  • "The Sinister Scribe: Tips for Left-Handed Calligraphers and for Right-Handers Attempting to Teach Them" by Aleksandra de Accipitre
  • "Practically Fighter-Proof Surcotes" by Aervin nih Earain o Chonemara
  • "The Home Quilted Gambeson" by Camilia la Droitier
  • "To Prepare a Most Honorable Feast" by Cariadoc of the Bow
  • "I Daresay I Dislike It!" by Cadfan ap Morgan Godrudd
  • "A Dance for the Current Middle Ages" by Gwidia Arrowcastre
  • The James A De Rothschild Collection at Wadesdon Manor by L. M. J. Delaisse, James Morrow, and John de Wit (book review by Maximilian von Wolfenberg)
  • The Folk of the Air by Peter S. Beagle (book review by Hilary of Serendip)
  • Murder at the War by Mary M. Pulver (book review by Hilary of Serendip)
  • The Medieval Archer by Jim Bradbury (book review by Denys de Caergwen)
  • "Period Chess: History, Forms, and Variations" by Da'ud ibn Auda

Issue #83, Summer 1987
  • "A Greatsword Primer, Part Two" by Thomann Shadan Secarius
  • "Cyning, Cwenec Scop, and Theign: Poetical Views of Anglo-Saxon Society" by Dietrich Wenceslas von Brandeis
  • 1066: The Year of the Conquest (book review by Joshua ibn-Eleazar ha-Shalib)
  • "Queen Jane's Cuffs" by Ciorstan MacAmhlaidh
  • "Eadfrith's Aviforms: Lindisfarne Gospel" by Èowyn Amberdrake
  • "Aviforms from Kells" by Èowyn Amberdrake
  • "The Bliaut: A New Perspective on Pattern and Cut" by Rosemounde of Mercia
  • "Juggling and the Subjective Records of Physical Skills" by LeifTameon Carlsefnisson
  • "Meandering History" by Tiberius Eriksson
  • "Sonnet: On My Lord's Sojourn in Drachenwald" by Marian Greenleaf
  • "Arroz con Miel" by Gershom ibn Zabara
  • "Celtic Design Music" by Fiona O'Mull

Issue #82, Spring 1987
  • Performing Medieval and Renaissance Music: An Introductory Guide by Elizabeth V. Phillips and John-Paul Christopher Jackson (book review by Isaac de Hugo)
  • Dictionary of the Middle Ages, Joseph R. Strayer, editor-in-chief (book review by Estrildis ferch Rhys)
  • "English Morris Dancing and the Romanian Calushari" by Istan din Brasov and Greta Alexandra din Wallachia
  • "The Insular Gospel Books" by Gwidia Arrowcastre
  • "Taillefer's Song" by Bertram of Bearington
  • "A Blazoned Rondeau" by Ruth of the Far North
  • "Phoenix Rondeau" by Ruth of the Far North
  • "The Making of Melomels and Flower Metheglins: A Guide for the Beginning Brewer/Vintner" by Thomann Shadan Secarius
  • "Jewish Heraldic Usage During the Middle Ages and Renaissance" by Therasia von Tux
  • "The Calendar of Medieval Europe" by Anton of Winteroak
  • "A Guide for the Totally Inept"

Issue #81, Winter 1986
Issue #80, Fall 1986
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Issue #39, Summer 1976
  • "Notes on Forms for Humorous Medieval Verse" by Ruth of the Far North
  • "Meal on a Loaf" by Annette of Faire Monte
  • Cartoon by Bjo of Griffin
  • "The Return" by Benson of Stannington
  • "The Ubiquitous Underdress" by Mariséla of Muninsgard
  • "The Ploughman" by Julyanna Peregrina
  • "On the Construction of Fourteenth Century Leg Armour" by Polidor Haraldsson
  • Poem by Melissa Wordsmith
  • "Of King Arthur and His Times" by Guinevere Elspeth Malyn
  • "Chance Meeting" by Diana Listmaker
  • "Annotated Bibliography for Armorers" by Richard Ironsteed
  • "Simple Medieval Hose" by Käthe von Münchhausen
  • Poem by Sumer Redmaene
  • "Villanelle for a Herald, or Tygre, Tygre, Blazoned Bright" by John of Brook Lynne

Issue #38, Spring 1976
  • "The Last Tournament" by Diana Listmaker
  • "Pomanders of Tudor Times" by Gerhard Kendal of Westmoreland
  • "To Siegfried" by Sumer Redmaene
  • "Composing Skaldic Poetry in English" by Geirr Bassi Haraldsson
  • "Mh is V, Unless It's W" by Deirdre Muldomhnaigh
  • "The Road Watch" by Frederic of Feolildwyn
  • "The Ptolemaic System and the Medieval Equatoriam" by Patri du Chat Gris
  • "The 51 of Pennsic War III" by Volf of Novgorod
  • Letter of reply to Volf from Aonghais Dubh Mactarbh
  • "The Great Decennial Festival" by The Board of Directors

Issue #37, Winter 1975
  • "The History of Beverages" by Edward of Stonehaven
  • "Recipes, Potables" by Beverly Hodghead, Trude Lacklandia, Ronald the Mad, and Sumer Redmaene
  • "Tourney: Big Trees" by Beagle de la Souris Folle
  • "Castle Architecture in the Middle Ages" by Andrew of Donniel and Mara of Alderdyce
  • "Robin Hood and the Elvin King" by Douglas Brownbeard
  • "I Iohn Maundevyll Knight" by Julyanna Peregrina
  • "Women and Arms: The Historic View" by Andrew of Donniel
  • "The Herald's Trumpet" by Wilhelm von Schl'ssel
  • Poem by Julyanna Peregrina
  • "Dragons, an Introduction" by Prof. J. Snarfenbrower

Issue #36, Fall 1975
Issue #35, Summer 1975
  • The Perilous Gard by Elizabeth Marie Pope (book review by Diana Listmaker)
  • "Faster Mailmaking" by Hereward of Vinland
  • "Gilly and Other Edible Flowers" by Sumer Redmaene
  • "Of King Arthur And His Times" by Guinevere Elspeth Malyn
  • "Metal Forming Techniques" by Michael the Black
  • "Poem for Andrew of Riga" by Raymond the Mild
  • "Firearms in Medieval Europe" by Raymond Crüs Hümmer
  • Song: "Up The Middle" by Moonwulf of Rivenstar

Issue #34, Spring 1975
  • "Some Notes on Calligraphy for the Beginner" by Sumer Redmaene
  • "Medieval Calculating Devices" by Draggi
  • "Now, About Those Human Sacrifices" by Polifonix Armorica
  • "Cucu's Song: Tudor and Early Medieval Children's Costume" by Sumer Redmaene and Diana Listmaker
  • "Man and Animals in the Middle Ages" by Kerrinda of Kymry

Issue #33, Winter 1974
  • "Epistles"
  • "Pomanders" by Linda-Muireall von Katzenbrasse
  • "Medieval and Renaissance Games Part II" by Alair of the Bloody Fountain
  • "Chronicler's Report: Order of the Quill" by Jon de Cles
  • "Amendments to the By-Laws, 1974" by the BOD [sic]
  • "Medieval Sweet Dishes" by Katherine of Northhall
  • "Anglo-Saxon Women's Clothing" by Mariséla of Muninsgard
  • "Studies of Saracen Ladies in Honor of Lady Diana of Tregirtsea" by Jehan de la Marche
  • "The Wine of the Gauls and the Dance of the Sword"
  • "Excerpt from an Old Book"

Issue #32, Fall 1974
  • "Old English Lesson 2" by Rima of Rockridge
  • "An Aromatic Garden, Part 2" by Maire Aislinge na Slighe Mor
  • Statement of Monies 1974
  • "Preparing Your Own Home Grown Herbes" by Linda-Muireall von Katzenbrasse
  • "Luthier Than Thou, or, Pitfalls in Building a Lute Kitte" by H.M.S.v.Wernigerode
  • "Bread" by Paul of Sunriver
  • "Medieval Accessories" by Janet Breakstone
  • "On the Making of a Parachute Into a Pavilion" by Andrew of Seldom Rest

Issue #31, Summer 1974
  • "The Tunic" by Linda-Muireall von Katzenbrasse
  • "Medieval & Renaissance Gaming, Part I" by Alair of the Bloody Fountain
  • Epistles From Our Readers, with Featured Epistle from Mistress Geraldine Baroness of Bufo (on the place of children in the SCA)
  • Chronicles of the Knowne Worlde
  • "Merline's Dreme" by Anne of Briar Ditch
  • "An Aromatic Garden, Part I" by Maire Aislinge na Slighe Mor
  • "Tempus Clamando: Latin for SCA Use" by Dawyd Aspara Suomainen (Däwyd Suomalainen von Markheim)
  • Honours List

Issue #30, Spring 1974
  • "Rashi and so on" by Ruth of the Far North
  • "A Fourteenth Century Gown" by Marynel of Darkhaven
  • "Sir, There is a Misericorde in Your Visor, or, It's Alright My Lady, I'm Only Dying" by Dritar An Con (called Brian the Unpronounceable)
  • "Quest For A Kingdom" by Cariadoc
  • "The Herald's Trumpet" by Boncueur
  • "Anecdotes of the Medieval English Kings, Part Two" by Paul of Wensleydale
  • "Bookes of Interest" (The Illustrated Hassle-Free Make Your Own Clothes Book by Sharon Rosenberg and Joan Wiener, book review by Linda-Muireall von Katzenbrasse)
  • Epistles from Our Readers

Issue #29, Winter 1973
  • "The Herald's Trumpet" by Sarkanyi Gero
  • "Styles in Treason" by Alfgar the Sententious
  • "Speaking Forsoothly - A Short Course in Renaissance English" by Irving the Anonymous
  • "Anecdotes of the Medieval English Kings, Part One" by Paul of Wensleydale
  • "The Meadow of Adonis" by William Schpall
  • "Bookes of Interest" ("Jackanapes, Janissaries, and Jades," a chapter from In Their Own Good Time by Michael Kaufman, book review by Lilith Berengarial of Elspeth)
  • Honours List
  • "Chronicles of the Knowne Worlde" by Brigantia
  • Epistles from our Readers
  • "Tournament" by Gewiinnmyrrh

Issue #28, Fall 1973
Issue #27, Summer 1973
  • "Pro Arte: On Poets" by Rima of Rockridge
  • "On the Making of Mead" by Richard of Rawnsley
  • "The Herald's Trumpet" by Ioseph of Locksley
  • "Design and Construction of the Curved Heater" by Cariadoc
  • "The Tale of Grandam Grenddel's" by Dorothea of Paravel
  • "Some Lesser Known Musical Instruments of the Middle Ages" by Richard the Strange, Ioseph of Locksley, Denis of the Titans, and Robert the Blind
  • "Learning Pains or a Viking Studying a Saint" by Marisela
  • "Chronicles of the Known World" by Brigantia
  • Honors List
  • Epistles

Issue #26, Spring 1973
  • "Incipit: SCA Kingship" by Jon de Cles
  • "Report from the Chronicler's Office" by the Red Baron
  • "What Does a Lady (Really) Do?" by Elfrida of Greenwalls
  • 1972 Special Members
  • "The Herald's Trumpet" by Sarkanyi Gero
  • "Ballade Upon the Poets of Atenveldt" by Thumas na Leabhar O'Conaire
  • "Roses as Food" by Sundaria
  • "To: Obstreperous Scorpio" by Meredith of the Pomegranate
  • Bookes of Interest: Handbook of Railway Blacksmithing compiled by A.B. Clemens, F.W. Brady, Carl H. Beach, R.T. Strohm, and J.W. Marshall, and The Art of Blacksmithing by Alex W. Bealer (book reviews by Harold Breakstone); The Knights Hospitallers in Poland and Lithuania by B.W. Szczesniak (book review by Norbert S. Duch); and Macbeth (film review by Ioseph of Locksley)
  • "Ogham"
  • Present and Possible Branches
  • Chronicles of the Known World
  • Epistles

Issue #25, Winter 1972
Issue #24, Fall 1972
  • "Incipit: Awarding Prizes for Poetry" by Samuel de Bassett
  • "The Cross in European Heraldry"
  • "A Look at Connes (Cannons)" by Ioseph of Locksley
  • "A View of Medieval Tapestry" by Katherine Ardeth Galesimier
  • "The Legend of Iverdeen" by Jehan de la Marche
  • "Medieval Chess & Board Games" by Isaac de la Decapol d'Alsace and Imri von Kalischa
  • "Chronicles of the Known World"
  • A History of Architecture in Scotland (book review by Isaac of Ironwall)
  • The Sundered Cross (book review by Isaac of Ironwall)
  • Rival Cities: Venice and Genoa (book review by Isaac of Ironwall
  • Fighting Ships (book review by Isaac of Ironwall)
  • "Filksong: The Knight of the Shining Blade" by Elfrida of Greenwalls

Issue #23, Summer 1972
  • "Incipit: Criteria for Knighthood" by John de Cles
  • "Coup d'Etat" by Ruth of the Far North
  • "Marshall's Baton" by Guilliam de Sangazure, Harold the Weird, and Edwin Bersark
  • "How to Make Mead" by Reuben Berman
  • "A French Hood" by Linda-Muireall von Katzenbrasse
  • "Those Fancy Little Letters" by Ioseph of Locksley
  • "The Battle of Brunan Burg" translated by Edwin Bersark
  • "Lute Music in the Current Middle Ages" by Inurion i Randebaron
  • Bookes: The Great Wall of China by Robert Silverberg, A History of Fortification from 3000 BC to AD 1700 by Sidney Toy, and Byzantium, the Imperial Centuries AD 610-1071 by Romilly Jenkins (book reviews by Isaac of Ironwall)
  • Chronicles of the Known World
  • "What Does A Lady Do" by Galeran de Bretagne and translated by Diana Listmaker
  • "The Round Shield" by Ioseph of Locksley
  • "The Basic Galliard" by Ann of the Red Mill
  • "Four Triolets for June" by Isaac de la Decapole d'Alsace
  • Present and Possible Branches
  • Epistles

Issue #22, Spring 1972
  • "Incipit" by Adral Argo verKaeysc and Edwin Bersark
  • "To Be A Peer of the Realm"
  • Question Box: "Can you tell me why ladies are not allowed to fight at Society Events?"
  • "Announcement: Society for Creative Anachronism Poetry Contest" by Diana Listmaker
  • "The Death of Sieur do Coucy" by Edwin Bersark
  • Enchanted Pictures: The Ra Expeditions and Tudor Fandom
  • "What's in a Name?"
  • "Where hast thou been, Sister ... ?" by Isaac de la Decapole D'Alsace
  • "La Fille de la Sirene et du Rossignel" translated by Alisande de Rohan
  • "Ye Olde Cookery" by Rhiannon Pen Tyrhon
  • "Weapons at the Door" by Ioseph of Locksley
  • "On Revels, and the Wearing of Weapons Thereat" by Y Bardd Gwyn
  • "Mail: The Blood-Bee's Bane?" by James the Fox
  • Epistles
  • Chronicles of the Several Kingdoms
  • Present and Possible Branches
  • Books: The Knight and Chivalry by Richard Barber and The Normans in the South and The Kingdom in the Sun by John Julius Norwich (book review by Jehan de la Marche)

Issue #21, Winter 1972
  • "Incipit: Research Techniques in the Current Middle Ages" by Diana Listmaker
  • "Question Box: Can a fighter from a Principality or Barony become King?"
  • "To All Poets, Musicians, Bards, Scalds, Gleemen, Rhymers and the Like in All the Known World" by Ioseph of Locksley (letter)
  • "The Marshall's Baton" a lengthy officer's column including such items as the "Preliminary Report of the West Kingdom Marshal's Commission on Weapons and Standards"; "Notes in Njal's Saga on Viking Round Shields"; "A Report on the Construction and Behaviour of the Viking Round Shield," by Caradoc ap Cador; and some directives of the Marshal of the Society
  • "Injuries on the Field" by Ioseph of Locksley
  • "Hakonskvitha" by Caradoc ap Cador
  • "De Natura Titulorum" by Frederic the Silent
  • "Martin Luther's Christmas Carol" translated by Siegfried Kutin
  • "A Prize for 'The Duke of Clarence'" by Ila F. Berry
  • "Present and Possible Branches"
  • "Chronicles of the Known World"
  • "Epistles from Our Readers"
  • "The Sword Brothers' [Dark Horde] Oath and Code of Conduct"
  • Letter about beer by Paul of Sunriver
  • Collegium Armoris advertisement

Issue #20, Fall 1971
  • Incipit
  • "Pro Arte: The College of Bards, Beckoning the Poetic Spirit" by Gwydion Pendderwyn
  • "The Herald's Trumpet: Sovereign Marshalling" by Sarkanyi Gero
  • "Come To Grips With Your Weapons" by Allyn O'Dubhda
  • "An Bibliography on Clothing" by Caradoc ap Cador
  • "The Golden Age of Chess" by David Argall
  • "An Article on Mead" by William of the Shire
  • "St. Columcille Goes Into Exile" by John the Lion
  • "Medieval Camp" by Sylvanus Tulgrove Andere
  • "Harvest Round Raven" by Gwydion Pendderwen
  • "Mailed Impersonator" by Rima of Rockridge
  • Bookes: Dance Music of the Renaissance, Danzmusik Der Praetorius-Zeit, Renaissance Dances from the Fourteenth through Sixteenth Centuries, and Gothic and Renaissance Dances (music review by Signy Dimmridaela)
  • "Night" by Jehan de la Marche
  • "De Barbarii" by Frederick of Feolildwyn
  • Epistles
  • Chronicles of the Known World
  • Present and Possible Branches
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Issue #19, Summer 1971
  • Incipit
  • "Pro Arte: Let's Have a Bransle!" by Diana Listmaker
  • "The Lay of Sir Julian" by Cynthia de la Paz
  • "Of Tourneying" by Michaela de Neuville
  • "You Can't Do That!" by Isaac de la Decapole d'Alsace
  • "Fourteenth and Fifteenth Century Men's Hats" by Diana Listmaker
  • "A Viking Helm" by Myles of the Shamrock
  • "Scribe" and "Three Gates" by John the Lion
  • "Tourney Chest" by Raymond the Mild
  • Chronicles
  • Honors List
  • Epistles
  • Present and Possible Branches

Issue #18, Spring 1971
  • "Incipit" by Diana Listmaker
  • "Pro Arte: In Praise of Poetry II" by Diana Listmaker
  • "Noe" by Rima of Rockridge
  • "The Hosting of Conn" by Caradoc ap Cador
  • "Armorial Flags: A System for Use in the Society" by Ioseph of Locksley
  • "The Herald's Trumpet" by Ioseph of Locksley and William of the Shire
  • "Knights and Gentlemen" by Edwin Bersark
  • "Hose Stocks and Other Nether Garments"
  • "Medieval Fighting, Part I" by Thumas na Leabhar O'Connaire
  • Bookes: The Broken Sword by Poul Anderson (book review by Diana Listmaker); a list of books on armoring compiled by Thumas O'Connaire, Ulric Greywolf, and Isaac of Ironwall; and Medieval Music and Songs of the Troubadours
  • Chronicles of the Known World
  • Honors List
  • Present and Possible Branches
  • Epistles

Issue #17
  • "Incipit: On SCA Groups"
  • "On Organizing the Arts" by Diana Listmaker
  • "Holiday Dances"
  • "The Bores Hed in Handesi Brynge" by Geraldine of Toad Hall
  • "Armorial Flags" by Sarkanyi Gero
  • "Basic Introduction to Archery" by Gunnary Heartsbane
  • "The Warp Weighted Loom -- Part II" by Sheen of Ire
  • "Astrology from a Neo-Medieval Point of View II" by Walter of Greenwalls
  • "Poetry in Medieval Wales" by Gwydion Pendderwen
  • "Society Notes"
  • "Chronicles of the Known World"

Issue #16
  • "Pro Arte: Society Dancing" by Diana Listmaker
  • "The Arms of Various Corporations etc. of the SCA"
  • "The Processional Pavan" by Alfonso of Castile
  • "Dear Sylvanus: More Medieval Remedies/Cosmetic Preparations" by Sylvanus Andere
  • "A Few Points About Shoes"
  • "Gobbets: Odd Bits of Miscellany"
  • "Guilds in the East" by Frederick the Silent
  • "In Memoriam: Richard III"
  • A History of Architecture (book review by Isaac of Ironwall)
  • Illustrated History of Ships and Boats (book review by Isaac of Ironwall)
  • French Dances of the Renaissance (record review)
  • "On Mail: The Making of Mail" by Thumas na Leabar O'Conaire
  • "Edict Establishing the Peace of God etc. in the Diocese of Toulanges c. 1050"
  • "Astrology from a Neo-Medieval Point of View by Walter of Greenwalls
  • "Chronicles of the Known World"

Issue #15
  • "Pro Arte: Praise of the Arts" by Diana Listmaker
  • "The Herald's Trumpet: General Heraldic Guidelines" by Johanna von Griffenhurst
  • "Basic Training Technique for Sword & Shield" by Edwin Bersark
  • "Men's pre-1650 Clothing -- The 13th Century" by Arnulf Silkhair
  • "Chess, Milady" by Michaela de Neuville
  • "There and Hair Again" by Lakana
  • "Falconry" by Mark von dem Falkensfenn

Issue #14
  • "Incipit: The Red Baron's Farewell" by the Red Baron
  • "Illuminatrix Scribet: So You Want to Found A Barony" by Diana Listmaker
  • "The Warp Weighted Loom" by Sheen of Ire
  • "The Herald's Trumpet: The National College" by Harold Breakstone
  • "The Two Faces of Odinn" by Caradoc ap Cador
  • The Viking (book review by Harold Breakstone)
  • Oriental Armour (book review by Isaac of Ironwall)
  • The Crossbow (book review by Isaac of Ironwall)
  • "The Accomplish'd Lady's Delight: Medieval Infant Care" by Sylvanus Andere
  • "Great Swords" by Earl of Morris
  • "Costumesmanship" by Karina of the Far West
  • "Gobbets: Odd Bits of Miscellany"
  • "The Associates Guilds" by Geraldine of Toad Hall

Issue #13
  • "Incipit: A Fable" by Jon de Cles
  • "How to Speak Forsoothly" by Diana Listmaker
  • "Italian Tournaments" by Margaret of San Gemignano
  • The Knight and the Umbrella (book review by Diana Listmaker)
  • "The Accomplish'd Lady's Delight: Cosmetic Preparations" by Sylvanus Andere
  • A History of Costume (book review by Marynel of Darkhaven)
  • "Fighting with the Two-Handed Spear" by Harold Breakstone
  • "Gobbets: Odd Bits of Miscellany" by Sara V. Andere
  • "How to Embroider Mail" by Marynel of Darkhaven
  • "De Equestris Dignitas (On Knighthood)" by Fredericus Silentarus
  • "Cooking with Class the Medieval Way" by Carolyn O'Conaire
  • "The Medieval Wargame" by Joseph the Rhymer
  • "On Mail" by Thumas na Leabar O'Conaire

Issue #12
Issue #11
  • "Illuminatrix Scribet: Courtly Love" by Diana Listmaker
  • "Then Do Sew" by Leanne of Maywood
  • The Wood Beyond the World (book review by Diana Listmaker?)
  • "The Herald's Trumpet: General Code" by Randall of Hightower
  • "The Morgenstern" by Philip av Jarn Munterhet
  • "Fighters' Corner: The Sword and Shield Dancers of Turkey"

Issue #10
Issue #9
  • "Incipit" by The Red Baron
  • "Illuminatrix Scribet" by Diana, Lady of the Lists
  • "The Herald's Trumpet" by Randall the Stout
  • "Basket Hilts" by Henrik of Haven
  • "A Grand Sallet" by Sylvanus the Black
  • "Edict" by Silas Andrews
  • "Mother bids me bind my hair: Manners and Dress in the Middle Ages" by Marion Zimmer Bradley
  • "The Song of Munin" by Arnulf the Scald
  • "The Manchester Case" by Alfgar the Sententious
  • "The Legend of Sir Caradoc" by Randall the Stout
  • "A Tourney Kit" by Ronn Foss
  • Dear Abbess
  • "Fighter's Corner" by Simon Templar
  • Epistles

Issue #8
  • "Incipit" by The Red Baron
  • "Illuminatrix Scribet" by Diana, Lady of the Lists
  • "The Legend of Sir Bela" by Randall the Stout
  • A letter from the incipient Queen, Leanne of Maywood
  • "Swordplay" by Nan Braude
  • "Arms, Shields, and Armor IV: Shields" by Siegfried von Höflichkeit
  • Dear Abbess
  • "Fighter's Corner" by Simon the Templar
  • Epistles
  • "Medieval Footwear" by Arnulf Widefarer

Issue #7.1
Issue published between regular issues to inform members of summer events
  • "Summer Revels" (list of summer events) by The Red Baron
  • "Rules of the Lists" In His Majesty's Name, April, 1968
  • Tournament Fighting Waiver
  • "A Challenge to Harlan Ellison" - Randall the Stout challenges Harlan Ellison to combat to assuage a long-standing feud

Issue #7, June 1968
  • "Incipit" by The Red Baron
  • "Illuminatrix Scribet" by Diana, Lady of the Lists
  • A letter to the SCA from a park employee (Mark Jansen) complaining of the mess left behind after a tournament, and a response from the Red Baron
  • "The Hólmgang" by Arnulf Silkhair
  • A letter from His Majesty Siegfried von H'flichkeit introducing articles on weaponmaking
  • "Arms, Shields and Armour III: Maces, Mauls, Flails and Axes" by Siegfried von Höflichkeit
  • "The Vertues": A period treatise by John Parkinson, Apothecarye of London from his booke Theatrum Botanicum: The Theater of Plantes or An Universall and Complete Herball, printed by Thos Cotes in London anno. 1640, on the "Seede of Fenugreeke"
  • "More on Pleating Plaid" by Njali jarla Styrbjornsoni
  • Dear Abbess

Issue #6, May 1968
  • "Incipit" by The Red Baron
  • "Illuminatrix Scribet" by Diana, Lady of the Lists
  • "Hand-written instructions for mulled wine"
  • "The Fighter's Corner" by Simon the Templar
  • "Los Mercados de las Pulgas" (flea markets in the Berkeley and San Francisco Bay area) by Catherine Fisher
  • "Selecting a Tartan, and How to Build a Kilt" by Njali jarla Styrbjornsoni
  • "Rules of the Lists"
  • "In His Majesty's Name, April, 1968"
  • Dear Abbess

Issue #5
Issue #4, Winter Solstice 1967
Issue #3
Issue #2, Midsummer 1967
Issue #1
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