Society Equestrian Marshal

Experimental Equestrian Activities

If you would like to take part in any of the experimental programs listed below, you must first get in touch with the person listed, for their approval.

Mounted Archery - Bow poundage limits
A Society-wide experiment eliminating bow poundage limits for target archery bows used in mounted archery is in effect (starting Nov 21, 2013).

The experiment is open to any kingdom that wishes to participate, and each kingdom shall report its experience monthly. To take part, please contact THL Macha the Determined (Martha F. "Marti" Bancroft) via email or 503-703-4056.

Range Setup Diagram | Reporting Form

Balsa Wood Jousting
To take part, please contact Sir Alexis via email.

Mounted Combat Thrusting tips
To take part, please contact Dame Arabella da Siena (Melissa Midzor) via email or 805-312-1336.