Society Equestrian Marshal

Equestrian Announcements

  • Resumes being accepted for Society Equestrian Officer until October 1, 2016.

  • Check the New Policies and interpretations of the rules.

  • Regarding Children under 5 interacting with horses at SCA events (2014)

  • Required Equestrian paperwork at SCA events/practices (2014)

  • State of Equestrian Affairs - 2009

  • Background checks (Jan 15, 2008)

    If youths are part of adult combat (i.e. they are in a kingdom that lets them fight with adults from age 14 in rapier, and age 16 in heavy combat), then background checks are not required of Marshals. If it is combat between youths with adult supervision, then the Marshals should have background checks.

  • There is NO cross-bow shooting off horseback in the SCA.

  • On Minor Waivers (Jul 1, 2007)
    All Kingdoms should follow this policy, to be implemented immediately:

    Any minor participating in Equestrian Activities must have their parent or legal guardian sign for the minor on the adult Equestrian waiver (general or State specific, whichever is used by adults at the event/practice). Where the waiver says "Legal name", write "<parent's name> as parent/legal guardian on behalf of <minor's name>", and then have the parent sign.

  • Membership required for marshals (Dec 13, 2006)

  • Driving Horses in the SCA (Nov 21, 2006)