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Society Chirurgeonate

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SCA Chirurgeons provide first aid at Society events. (The word "Chirurgeon" is a medieval term from which the modern "Surgeon" is derived.) Members of the SCA Chirurgeonate include Red Cross trained first aiders, medical doctors, military medical corpsmen, nurses, paramedics, St. John's Ambulance volunteers, and many other medical volunteers. A Chirurgeon's Warrant of office crosses Kingdom boundries.

The symbol of the Chirurgeonate is a red circle with a white teardrop containing a fleam. The fleam was used in the Middle Ages to open a vein to bleed the patient in order to balance the humors. Rest assured, however, that the first aid provided by the members of the Chirurgeonate is strictly 21st Century!

The Society Chirurgeon is the Society's chief executive officer of the Chirurgeonate.

Society Chirurgeon

Mistress Elspeth Anne Von Bremen (Anne Taylor)
480-229-8322 (no calls after 9PM Arizona time)

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